Hey Familia,

Well I really enjoyed the letters this week. It was good to hear about your travels and the fun you had. Megan I am glad you had fun on your date and I know that folks up around that area are really dependable so I didn’t even have any big brother feelings at all. Just that I am excited you got on your first real date. Tyler I am proud that you are able to drive for so long in the car and things. That is really cool. I know you are probably a lot better of a pilot than I ever was when it came to driving. Mom and Dad I am glad you made it home safe and that the roads were good. It sounds like you saw some good country out on the mountains I am really excited to see it when I get home. So this week was a special week. We had three baptisms. A woman named Angelita who is partially deaf and can speak very little and her two sons. Their father had already past but the ward told us that he was a member already who fell away. It was interesting that these past 2 weeks we have been teaching them and the Lord blessed us with a unique ability to communicate. I was really wishing I had taken the sign language course you both recommended I take with you. Now I have a huge desire to learn that when I get home. Her two boys were baptized on Friday. Get this she wasn’t baptized on Friday because of an appointment with the hospital about getting a hearing device. When Sunday came I still had faith that the next Saturday she would be baptized and in our weekly meeting told the Bishop and counsel to wait and plan for next Friday. We left early to begin getting people and helping people to church. We arrived to our happiness to find her and her two boys ready to go in the van that the church has to get them. (They live in a village called Cucurana). She explained to my comp that she wanted baptism immediately and as that the District Leaders offered to do the interviews that day I called the Bishop and told him we wanted the baptism that day. He had his doubts but agreed at the end. We arrived in time to begin classes and the Bishop came up to me and my comp with a big grin on his face. He said you two wouldn’t mind giving talks today would you? Well as a missionary we accept the call to serve and help but the gravity of the situation also guaranteed a surety of our response. Our answer was yes and we had 2 classes to prepare. The topic was on missionary work and I was glad to talk mainly about our duties as members for references and using our gifts in furthering the Kingdom of God. (See D&C 60:2) I will save the talk and probably use it sometime in my life and in other wards. I need to modify it a little.

In other respects of the work it went well. As a last week of the month and a last week for the transfer I felt a little less than normal in working. We had plenty of activities and things that got a little away from actually proselyting. Thursday, Elder Suares of the seventy talked to us. I really enjoy the simplicity that they use in explaining the gospel. He talked a lot about goals and believe me I’ve made a few this week. I was really impressed and will be working to change those things. I see I have a lot more to change before I come home and a lot more to do. Only problem is I have short time in which to do it. Well dad I guess as far as plans when I come home , because we are really asked to have an idea about 6 months away from leaving , I have thought about a few things that I will expound upon more this August. I have a desire to begin work or at least find a job within 1 week of getting home. I need to begin saving my money for college and other dreams I have. As far as what I want to do I think it will be in a business or science area. I have a desire to develop many skills in many areas especially in my ability to memorize. I do know I have a desire to learn Genealogy and help out with things at home a lot more than I was doing. I want to do some trips with you guys and all the outdoor stuff I miss doing. Of course I am going to try to make a trip out to Colorado. hehe… But these are just ideas I know I will be fasting and praying a lot when I get home though for what I need to do. I just have one thing that is positive and that is college because of what I was told one time. But that is about it, I think president will have some advice for me when I make 6 months. Usually, he gives advice like that about when we should have our ideas in place. And then the big interview at the end will be asking exactly what we are going to do. I just hope I will have an idea when I am back.

Well I Love you all. You know you are a special group of people to me. I am not sure what transfers will bring but lets see what happens. Haha… have a great week and a great Day. Thanks you for your letters.
Love Elder Allred

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