06/08/2009 Letter

Hey familia…
Well things are going well. I am really enjoying the Brazilian weather; it rains and then gets sunny for a day and then rains. That is winter for you I guess. Well this week was a bit of a surprise I wasn’t transferred and neither was my companion. So we used that day for a day of service and helped our recent convert Olivia and her son move to another apartment. It was a lot of fun and we had a great missionary opportunity with her nephew who helped us. Even today we had a good chat with him about the missionary experience. With time he will have the opportunity to learn more about the gospel. I think the greatest part of the experience was taking apart a dresser and then rebuilding the sucker. Imagine a full dresser complete with four doors two levels and the bottom part is all doors. It was huge and I thought we would never get it built in time for our appointments. Luckily we were able to manage and it went just fine. Yeah, I am looking forward to doing that like never again. But I guess it was good practice for the future things I will have to do. My comp came down with a cold on Friday that was so bad he had to stay in the house. It was a long Friday but I helped him the best I could. I learned never to mix ramen noodles with cheese soup – that is gross. I had been really hoping to teach that day and the Lord blessed me with a lesson. I had been in my studying and there was a knock at the door. A member and her companion of another church had stopped by to do their missionary work. I think they weren’t expecting to see a full time missionary there. So I was able to teach about the restoration and offered to pass by their home later to explain more. Sad part was she said it was better she make a visit to the church herself and then we would see about a visit. But it was a blessing and I enjoyed the promptness of such an answer to my short prayer.

It has been a good week though despite some of the set backs and I have come out a little stronger. I came down with the cold today. Luckily though I have had this type of cold at least three or four times already during the mission and my body seems to be more immune to it each time. The last time I had it was in December and I managed to work the whole day. At least it is P-day and I can relax and get over it before I have to work again.

I have read a recent talk about testimonies. I have been very impressed with this talk and feel I should improve on my testimony. I see that all the knowledge in the world can’t compare to that of what a testimony gives. A testimony comes from the spirit and the spirit is what really teaches and gives us knowledge. We ourselves don’t have power to testify to ourselves that something is true. It all comes from the Holy Spirit that God sends, who testifies of all truth. When we receive that Holy Spirit we receive knowledge and thus we can testify and need this to help others receive their own testimony. It is through our testimonies that others can see the truth. When we testify, the Spirit then will touch their hearts. When a testimony is present the Spirit is present; then he can touch the hearts of men. I will be working this last 8 months on what? I will be working to grow and build first my faith. (Ether 12:6) then I will work also on my testimony so that I can have the Spirit with me always. As mentioned in (D&C 60:2) we have a gift and we need to use it always. Testify what we know to be true through the Holy Spirit of Promise and I promise you that the truth will grow in us we will grow in what we know because the spirit will increase our knowledge through our personal study. We then will grow in faith and strengthen our testimonies of the truth. Others will begin to recognize the light we have. I invite you all to share your testimony at least ounce daily with a loved one, a friend, an acquaintance, or even a complete stranger.

I miss all of you. I hope this week will be a great week for you all. Tyler get better. Mom and Dad, I am glad you are doing well. I am glad the pics and letter got there safely. I am happy that you are all happy. Megan, have fun with the cool job you have. Their family is really cool. Say hi to them for me!!! Also say hi to the Whitlock’s for me I got their packet of letters and will respond soon.. I love you all. Talk to you soon
Elder Allred

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