06/15/2009 Letter

Hey familia,
So I did something just now that was sad. I got all of your e-mails and read them all and usually save them but I wasn’t thinking. I think I was getting into a thought process again and I purged everything I had. I about lost it. I am sorry for that.

My week was very good. It is sort like this on the mission. We work and baptize and then have to start all over again. Hopefully with the mission focusing on monthly baptisms and finding new investigators everyday this will never happen. We are finding many people to teach but when it comes to commitments and time they have very hard time. If they are underage, many times their parents won’t accept the invitation for them to be baptized. So it sort of takes results away from the work. I think it will be ok though. It is amazing we work and do all that we can and then the Lord surprises us with a few people who are ready to go and have already been prepared by the Lord. Our goal will be full because the Lord will see to it. It always happens like that. I have seen it so many times and can see that the Lord wants us to do what is required of us and the rest is his handwork. We had a time last transfer with this. Imagine, we had knocked on doors and had taught people until we were nearly exhausted and then the Lord blessed us with a few people who wanted to be baptized. I think that could be said for anything. The Lord requires us to do all we can and use our own intelligence and our own reasoning first. We try to work it out as we would do it. Then whatever is faulting, the Lord will complete it some way. That way we also learn what we can do better for next time. I like very much the story of Nephi. The Lord told him to go. He did three times and they tried using their own way and used their own resources. The Lord then provided his own way and they achieved their goal. Funny how simple a concept it is. No wonder with faith we can move mountains and can do anything. So I guess what I am saying is keep going in life and do things and think what more you can do. As Elder Soares said to us, we need to use the brain Heavenly Father gave to us. We need to think it out and act, then the Lord picks up the pieces and finishes the rest. So the rest of the month we are going to do this. We have many families ready to hear the gospel message. With more prayer and faith and works it will be a great month.

Well I have really enjoyed reading your letters. I am glad to know that we have a new family next to us. I hope I can meet them when I get back. I hope maybe that it will become a good missionary opportunity for you. I see that the youth there in South Dakota are really good missionaries. Its fun to see. Here its a lot easier to get references from the youth than from the adults. But I have been very fortunate to be in areas that the wards give references. I see that we have many here in Barra that care about the work. It is amazing, we want 10 references a week and they will give them to us without problems. It makes the work so much better with people to contact. I love it. It’s good to see that happening there. I already have a plan to be a reference giving member when I get home. Hopefully I will have lots of opportunities to give them out. I guess the only new things are that I saw some of the recent converts I baptized already participate well in their callings. It makes me really happy to see someone acting in their testimonies and grow in their capacities. I have one who will go on a mission here very soon. I couldn’t imagine how happy that would make me. It will be an exciting time. He will invite me to the temple with him. I can’t wait. Well I love you all. I hope things continue to go well. Megan try not to get too rundown continue getting some sleep. Tyler, hope your finger gets better. We’ll be getting caught up on all the things I missed when I get home. Mom and Dad I will be praying for your trips to go well.
Love you all
Love Elder Allred

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