Oi Família

Things are going well. This week has been a lot of finding and teaching, not a whole lot of new things happened. We did manage to teach Isais and he accepted the invitation to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. The only problem is that he has very little time to go to church. We will be working with him on that. I found out that some our other investigators were excited to come to church, it’s just that their lives currently aren’t ready. We should be preparing them by this next week with an invitation and everything. I am very excited to be working here. The members are amazing people who love the missionaries. I have become good friends with Max our ward mission leader and Bruno who is a ward missionary. They are constantly helping us and we have a fun time with them. The area is full of trees and hills. Almost like Jenipapo and Macaxiera was only with more forest. The winds here are very nice and it really helps on hot days. The only thing we experience now is rain, rain and more rain.., yay.

They had their São João parties again here. That was a good time because the fires were out again and you guessed it more corn to eat. I enjoyed seeing the dances that they have here. It always seems like the celebration times makes the mission so much easier to do. People are always so happy to hear the messages.

My new comp is Elder Farias. He has 10 months on the mission and is ready to be a sênior already. I am excited to see him go up next transfer. We had a good laugh the other day my comp probably sleep walks and I talk in my sleep. I woke up and he was gone from his bed I thought he had gone to the bathroom because of his stomach ache. So I went back to sleep. Well I got to asking him about that and he had no idea what I was talking about. That and I frequently scream and things in my sleep which adds more funny stories to his last about companions. Haha.

The cart will be about 30 or 40 reis. I am thinking about 20 to 25 dollars, if I am not mistaken about the money exchange. If the dollar got up again I think it will be the half rule again.

I am glad to hear about the week and traveling. That will be so nice to do with you guys when I get home. I have looked at how much time I have. It seems my time is running out to really work. I think I can definitely see some things that I want to do yet on the mission but events need to happen this next transfer in order for those goals to happen. Or else I am out of time. So we shall see what happens. I think I am going through the whole missionary thing when we realize how short our time really is. It’s like I am just starting to really understand the mission and now I am almost home. But that is life I suppose. I have to just relax a little and have a good time.

So I am sending Tyler’s letter this week. I am hoping I can get it out at least. There isn’t a postal service station here so I am going to have to go to Carramagibe to do that.

I love you all thank you so much for everything you do for me and all the examples you have given me. I see how much I have learned and how many standards I received from you my family and realize that I am doing so well on the mission and through these tough times because of the family I had. Thanks for that. I love you all I hope your week will be a good one. I will pray for your safety and everything this week as you travel.

I love you. Love Elder Allred

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