07/15/2009 Letter

Hey família
So, a funny thing happened today. I was done writing one e-mail and unfortunately the computer Guy turned off my computer because of confusion with my Portuguese. I lost my letter to you and being that we worked a little early today in our p-day I have some time to write you again. I love you all and thank you for the letters you wrote me.
This week went by really fast. I was surprised to find that it was already the end of the transfer and that I was getting so close to the call day. Well call day is tomorrow. Fun stuff I guess. Anyways we had a few set backs with the investigators. Turns out that the baptism we planned wasn’t approved by the young man’s dad. His parents are separated and he didn’t want his boy baptized. So on Saturday when we arrived to our surprise he was in another town nearby with his father for the weekend. But everything is fine. Maybe now is not his time.

I learned that we need to smile at these times and give others things to smile about.
Our investigators are mainly a family that we are working with. I see that many times they have trials in their lives. It was a great learning experience for me. I learned that I need to stop thinking of myself. I am usually hot from the sun, I get tired and have very little to smile about right? Wrong. I learned that in all honesty I have everything to smile about. My testimony of the truth helps me know that I can be happy with my family for eternity. I know that I have a Father in Heaven that loves me and a Savior that paid the price for my sins. I see that I have everything in the world to smile about and more. Sometimes the simple things can make big problems seem like nothing. In learning this I learned to arrive with my testimony on my face. After that I learned to be happy. My happiness in turn helps others feel happy. My love for them helps them love me. So I learned that the mission really is to share the happiness I have with others. I do that by sharing my testimony and help them come to church and to feel the spirit I AM blessed to feel each Day. This family has taught me that we need to be happy because any time I have seen them they always have huge smiles on their faces from seeing us. I must admit at first I was my normal self. You know, the way I am during times of stress and in the morning when I wake up. (jk) But in seeing how much this family makes of each moment we come, I have learned that we need to be happy in the most difficult of times. That happiness is contagious and is abiding. Just thought I would share with you the lesson I finally learned in smiling and happiness. I probably learn a new aspect about it each transfer on the mission. I agree in the Lord’s words when He gave his sermon on the mount. He said that where our treasure is, our hearts will be there also. He taught to treasure the things in heaven where neither moth, nor rust, nor thieves can get to them. I see how much we need to treasure the gospel and the truth in our lives and also our families and the love we enjoy. When we do this our hearts will be there and our true happiness will last because these things will last. It’s funny how I’ve been here three weeks and these last few days of the week I’ve discovered this.

Transfers are going to be Wednesday. My comp will be a sênior so one of us will be transferred. Who knows what could happen. I know we have p-day on Wednesday. So today was split p-day until about 2 o clock and then Wednesday will be p-day starting after the transfer meeting until 6 o’clock because of transfers to give the missionaries more hours to work. Because usually transfers mean unpacking and the idea was to allow us to work today and also give us a break without worry or stress on transfers and provide means by which our work didn’t get interrupted. I really liked the idea. So for now until a new change or my coming home the last weeks p-day will be like this. so if I don’t have time on a Monday to e-mail, know that its probably because of transfers and I can write on Wednesday (so for the future) I am writing now because of our 1 hour dinner break we have and that we started a little earlier working. If I do get transferred I will write next Monday letting you all know what happened. I love you all. Tyler I wish you a happy 16th birthday stud!!! And Sam also I wish you a happy 16th birthday. Megan have fun with the teeth. I want pics taken when you are passed out like you guys did to me. haha. I am miles away but still have Tyler to get ya!! That way I can laugh later. Haha.. A video of her talking would be hilarious!!!! Just don’t watch any comedies those are killers when you get teeth taken out. Ask Austin and Nick about that when we went to Rush Hour 3. Haha.. Mom and Dad thanks for everything you do each day for me and have done for me. I Love you all I hope things are going well. I am praying for you.
Love Elder allred

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