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August 23, 2009


Hey familia.
Well I was surprised to see my e-mail from last week didn’t go through apparently the address to dads e-mail won’t accept my e-mails anymore. So I will be sending this to both the work and the e-mail at home. Probably will have a spare sent to my home address.

Anyways, imagine a week of running around. It looks like we as a family have been running around a lot this week. We had a lot of people we met on the street this week. We also had a baptism planned. Our blessings came because of the hard work we did. So first of all our baptism fell through. But she will be baptized this weekend. I can’t explain why it fell through but I will be sure to include it in my journal for you to read when I get home. Nothing bad happened it is normal but everything happens for a reason and so we will go with it and baptize her this Sunday.

We have been teaching a reference from my ol buddy Elder Sudweeks. Their names are Joao and Cida they are an older couple and love the missionaries. We have become close with them and hope to help them to accept baptism. Today was Sr. Joao´s birthday and so he invited us and Sudweeks and his comp to a Brazilian churrascaria similar to the one in Salt Lake. We ate lots of meat today. The members and investigators are treating us well here so make sure the sisters there are getting fed well, which I know you always do!!!!
We had interviews with the President. That was a lot of fun. I always enjoyed the interviews with President because I get more strength to work for my week. I had told him I was a little stressed about the baptisms this transfer. I have already had 4 fall through. He said it is all going to be fine because he knows we are working hard for the lord and even though things don’t always work out we plant seeds. He then told me about his son who served here in Recife about 4 years ago. He said that a few weeks ago a missionary found a Book of Mormon given to an investigator of theirs with his sons name in it. And that this person was baptized because of the seed planted years ago. You can imagine how tall I felt after walking away from that interview. It was a good reflection period for me. I need to remember that I am working hard and being obedient and as long as I am doing the work I will at least leave seeds in good ground somewhere.
Luzia and her grandson will be baptized this week. They have come a long way and I am proud of their commitment and love they show. We took them to a Family home evening in the ward last night. They really enjoyed it and told me how much it relieved the stress they were having. It goes along with that same thing I learned on the mission. You get a group pf people together who are all smiling and happy it is literally impossible to be sad and depressed. A laugh is contagious and a smile clears away all the stress. That night she had been having such a difficult time she didn’t even go to church. But she went to this activity and saw everyone having a good time over some of the simplest games (telephone and scissors) that she forgot all about the bad day she had. I want to implement that in my life.

We met a new group of people. He came up to us on the street asking for us to stop by. His name is Lula and he has helped us reach many of his friends. He was so excited to come to church that he was ready before we even came on Sunday at 8 o clock. We will be working with him this next transfer if I stay. We will have transfers next week. So next Monday I won’t write. Wednesday will be our p-day in this occasion.
I hope you are all having a great day and a safe travel. I know it isn’t easy to say goodbye. Unfortunately we have to do that part a lot in life. I’ve learned to say goodbye a lot here on the mission. But I know that I will have an opportunity to see them again. They only last for a little bit. I hope Tyler will be alright these next 6 months. It won’t be long. I can’t believe I only have 6 months it doesn’t seem possible. Well I hope this letter finds you and that you have a great week. I love you and hope you have a safe trip.
Love Elder Allred



August 23, 2009

08/11/2009 Subject: last weeks e-mail that didn’t get through to you

Hey Familia, Yeah this week was crazy also. This first really cool news is that my companion in the CTM, Elder Timothy Sudweeks, was called to be an Assistant this last week. It was really cool. We had a division right before he was called up. It was great. He had already passed in this area and we visited some people who he had already seen. It was a pretty cool day. I enjoyed getting to work in the field with him and see how much we both have learned since then. Our baptisms fell through again. It seems like one big battle, as soon as we arrive on someone’s doors step, the adversary just seems to get in and ruin everything before we show up the second time. Amazingly enough we have the spirit with us in our obedience and there is no way he can stay for very long when we arrive. Luckily the new guy Elder Johnny William Wagner de Lima said something really interesting. He said “you lost the battle but we are winning the war.” I thought that was very inspired and it will serve me these next months of the mission.

I thought we would have a good 4 baptisms this next week but three were moved for further dates and this one fell through for the time being. We will visit him and his family tonight to make sure all is fine. We also had a difficult time getting in to visit the families this past week. They were either not home or had not bothered to come to the door. Altogether it was a very difficult week but that is the mission. I know I have many difficult weeks on the mission and it could have been was worse than what it was. We are showing a greater will to work and a greater desire to baptize and I know the Lord will bless us with support and his spirit and will direct us to those waiting for the gospel in their lives.

Well this week is my week for the Presidents interviews. I am not sure what will happen this time but I will ask for a fervent prayer on your part on my behalf that I will be able to present the information in an intelligent manner and in humility. I have been often amazed by the way that your prayers have brought so many blessings. Your prayers and those prayers of all those who read these letters and pray for me have helped me so much as well as the other missionaries who have like circumstances. There is no replacement for prayer and for thanksgiving. I liked how one of the things the prophet has asked us to practice is fervent prayer. I think I am just beginning to understand what that is exactly and there are so many things to learn. I think it will be a life time before I can get it right. But that is what life is for.

We are trying to get some references from the members. It is going really well. I have been hoping that the members will have more opportunities to meet people. I hope you are able to give some references to the sisters. I think some times we have no idea how much the missionaries are praying for us to have these opportunities and then they come and we miss them. I hope that you are able to share the gospel with all those who need it. The sisters/elders there in the ward will be very happy to have the references; because that is one more opportunity they have to share our unique message. Our family is doing well. We invited them to be baptized and they are studying hard and praying for their answer. Of course Heavenly Father gives the answer to all those who ask and we simply present the doctrine as the spirit teaches it. The direction comes from the spirit of the Lord and their answer and desires are between them and the Lord. So we will be working with them this week trying to get their worries out of the way. Their faith and the Lord will do the rest. The rules in the missionary manual say not to ask our family to pray specifically for things so I will just ask that you keep asking the general things; that I can have success in my work and the spirit to guide me. I know you already do that but I just wanted you to know you don’t have to include our family we are teaching in your prayers.

Well Megan I just wanted you to know that I am proud of you for being so courageous in your leaving home and going to college. Not that leaving home is necessarily a good thing but it also brings much growing up and you will learn much while you are in college. I know Dad and Mom raised a kind, strong, and faithful woman in you and that you will do many great things in your life. Remember who you need to call when you have problems you have two of the best people in the world waiting for you at home. And get on your knees when you need help. You will feel so close to your father in heaven during this time get on your knees and pour out your heart to him. (Alma 37:37) James 1 also will help out. Just remember With It or On It.

Hey Dad and Mom you will grow a lot during this time also. I know all will be fine. It seems like you are losing us but really you are gaining stronger children each time. I wonder how Heavenly Father felt looking at us when we left and knowing what a world we would be going to. But think of the happiness he has for us seeing us grow up so much and become more like him in every way. Everything he has left for us to learn we grow with and become greater people and he is so proud of us. It will be a great experience to see her grow in newer experiences. I wouldn’t want to let her go either and I am way in Brasil. I hope all will go well I will include this time for you in my prayers and for Megan and Tyler as well. You have to send me her new address because you know birthdays are coming up in September. So Tyler you won’t be all alone for much time. Just hold out and you will grow some also. I have observed many of my friends who lived at home after their siblings left. They have a strength in them that doesn’t allow them to be sad. I know you will be happy in any situation. Continue to help Mom and Dad with things. It will be a good time to learn and take advantage of the extra responsibility you have. You will enjoy it I promise. You always had that undying happiness in you. I always wanted that. Have a great time and I will be with you soon and we will hang out a lot.

I love you all I know this is really long so I am going to go. Thanks for your prayers and thoughts. For all those who are reading this on the site also thanks for the prayers and thoughts. I love you all. Elder Allred

08/03/2009 Letter

August 3, 2009

Hey familia How are things going? I hope well for you. I am praying for you. So how was your trip from Kansas City? Are you enjoying the time to travel?

Well this week was good. We talked to our family and it was a good learning experience. I learned that my love for others has grown and that I am just beginning to learn the love our Father in Heaven has for us. It is good to see a family grow together. This last week we taught them the plan of salvation. They had many questions and were all really excited to learn about it. Pedro said he had received an answer to his prayer and that he would study more about the Book of Mormon. Also, Erlaine said she would want to baptized but still has a little more prep work to go before that. I am hoping all goes well this week that we can help them be baptized.

We met a man named Flavio. The amazing thing was we had nothing to do for practically 2 hours so we went knocking on doors. We passed a man and I had a feeling to talk to him. As we talked to him he said he was having some problems with his family and wanted that his family stayed together. We shared a beautiful message of the restoration with him that was guided by the spirit. I felt the calmest I have ever during a lesson. He accepted more visits and we will begin teaching his wife as well. It was a great experience and we could see him light up inside as we talked about the gospel protecting families. I was every impressed by his acceptance. We will be working with him more on this.

A woman who we thought was a member finally was at home so we could talk to her. She accepted a visit and we talked to her. She wasn’t a member like we thought. She had stopped us only days before inviting us to come we thought her to be really less active. But she accepted a message and we taught her the restoration. She had once been with a Book of Mormon and had studied it as a child but her mother wouldn’t allow her to read it anymore. And so she was with out one for many years. As we taught her the restored gospel she was very attentive to where she could get a book of Mormon. She was in tears by the time we said the book we would give her was hers. She accepted the invitation to read and pray and the next day we visited her was already on chapter 10 of first Nephi. We will be working more with her as well.

I believe the Lord has definitely prepared these amazing people to receive the fullness of the gospel. They equally share one attribute that is their willingness to know, study, ponder it out in their hearts, and then ask of God and not men if the things which they heard and prayed about are true or not. They allow the spirit of the Lord to touch them and trust in his answer and his counsel. We do our part which is to teach the basic facts and principles of the gospel, but the real teacher is in reality the Holy Ghost. They are the elect because the truly follow the invitation to come unto Christ as children. Meek and submissive in their desires and in their faith. They willing follow the answers they receive with trust and conviction. This is the elect of God, those who follow Jesus Christ and ask Him and do not ask of other imperfect men what is true. I know what I talk to others is true and what I preach is true. But without their faith in asking of God nothing happens. I am as imperfect as the next and so that is why the message is so important to pray about. I learned that much about the message we have. It is unique and it is only through prayer that people know it to be of any worth or truth. I love it that way. It makes me feel better knowing that God gave me the testimony I have.

Well that is about it this week. A lot of knocking on doors and such also.
I couldn’t find a trolley for my luggage anywhere else. I heard they have some at the airport for me when I go home. Haha. If I can find one I will get it. Just to let you know. One guy in our apartment bought like 3 pairs of the same shoe and he only wanted to keep two pairs. My shoes are practically falling apart. So I bought the other pair which were never used because he is new to the mission, for 20 reis. Just so you are informed. They are good shoes and will keep the rain from getting in. 🙂 Well I love you. I am sorry I didn’t get your e-mail today. I love you all. I am praying for you and love you very much. Love Elder Allred

07/28/2009 Letter

August 3, 2009

Hey familia..
Well things are going well. We had a call on Sunday night that said we would have p-day on Tuesday because today would be our day for the temple. So I was privileged ounce again to attend the temple. And I am happy to say that I understood the entire session in Portuguese. I really was proud of myself. Sudweeks and Hales our LZ´s were there and I was glad to have gone to the temple with them. It reminded me of the MTC days. Well the week was interesting. We did a lot of tracting because our investigators have been falling. The saddest part of the week was that Sandra and her two kids couldn’t be baptized on the account of a threat given out to her by her ex-husband. He called and said he didn’t want his kids baptized in the church nor her for the matter. She seemed really distressed by the whole thing and didn’t want to cause any huge problems. We tried as much as we could to get things to become better but it didn’t give. She didn’t want us to talk to her husband and so we had to let her choose for herself. We are waiting for her to come back though and invited her for the future. It is sad how people will exercise unrighteous dominion on others. I have unfortunately seen it many times and I feel so sad for the person who is blinds himself and doesn’t allow others to make decisions for themselves. The worst part is he lives in an area I worked in Barra de Jangada. Only she has no clue where his address is or I would send Elder de Souza and Barrwick to talk to him about the Restoration.

Well other than that we were blessed. WE got a call on Tuesday and Airon who is visiting his family here from BYU-Hawaii with his wife and kid was on the phone. His parents aren’t members and his mom had some pain in her back and head and asked for a blessing. So we went over there to give her a blessing and marked a day to stop by and talk to them about the restoration. We had met them earlier and they had shown interest in the discussions. So on Sunday they prepared supper for us and we had a go time getting to know them better and also talked to them about the Restoration and about prophets. They have become fast friends of ours. Tomorrow we will talk to them again and see how things are with them. We played some soccer with Airon there at their apartment building today and it was a lot of fun. I want so much to help this family. They are a special family and will be very blessed. I feel they are an elect family and pray all will go well these next few weeks. Actually on Saturday we had stopped by their home again to invite them to church and reminding them of the Sunday night we had marked. The Airon´s dad wasn’t feeling very good either and we gave him a blessing also. I feel the lord has given us many opportunities and guided us to this family.
We are going to work more with the families around here and help them. Our investigators have so many problems with it being a more ghetto part of the city with the law of chastity. It holds them back, also Saturday being a day off and also Sunday being a day off for everyone there is a lot of temptation to drink and party. It brings a lot of problems into working with them because those who don’t want anything we have to stop visiting we only have a limited time here and if they don’t want anything why use the precious time when so many are waiting to here the gospel message in their homes? SO we have a lot of people that we have to cut lose. I think it will be ok though. Our obedience will bring about blessings.

I can’t believe you were conned out of three tacos and a dollar. Tyler Tyler.. I hope he learned not to take his wallet out like that again. Haha. That is funny. That reminds me of when I got on the mission in Arcoverde. Haha. I guess brothers are alike.

So you have to send an e-mail telling how Berkley is. I miss him a lot and want some kind of a film of him. I hope he is in good health also I’ve been worried I wont get to see him before I get home he’s getting so old. Please let me know how he’s doing. I love Berkley.

Well I think that is about it. We are going to continue to work with these amazing people. I see my love for them increase each day. It breaks us to have to stop teaching someone because we love the people so much. I know all will be great. I am having the time of my life here. My companheiro, Elder R. Santos is the best. I love you all. I am praying for you. Love Elder Allred.

07/20/2009 Letter

August 3, 2009

Ou familia!! Como esta minha família tão legal. Voz amo sabia?

Well I guess things are going well. I was transferred and am in Setubal. It is in the city of Boa Viagem in Recife. I like it; it sits right on the edge of Borebema, one of the biggest farvelas in the city. I like it just fine though the members are awesome and they are taking care of us. I hope you are taking care of the missionaries there because here they are taking good care of me!!

Elder Riddle stopped by!! That is cool. I hoped he would have a chance to meet you and you him. He was my trainer and I consider him a close friend. He helped me in a lot of ways with the first six weeks of my mission and remains the only American companion I’ve had on the mission. After the mission I will definitely visit him and his family. If I choose to go to SUU he will be there with me as well as 2 other good friends of mine on the mission. I am not exactly sure what I will do after the mission. I need some information. I know that we are supposed to be thinking and making goals for when we leave about now. I am not exactly sure what I will make of myself when I get home. I was wondering if I could be sent some scholarship apps or something. Maybe on p-day (I will clear it with president) I can fill out some scholarship apps. I have the military pilot thing in my mind I just don’t know what branch yet and also there is studying. Boise state would be cool to do and then again SUU also. I know my first year will be generals anyways. BYU would be great if I could get in. haha. So anyways I am pretty sure I will make a visit to Grand Junction also. If we are living in Boise by the time I get back. It would be a closer trip to visit all the guys from the mission 90 percent are from Idaho or Utah. Haha.

Well so I guess this week was a little rushed. I spent Monday working and trying to get the investigators ready to go for transfers. We worked on visiting the members and investigators before the call on Tuesday. Then the call cam I was transferred. And wait I had to pack again. So for the 2 time in 3 weeks I was packing and going to the transfer meeting. I am in boa Viagem now. I like it a lot. My comp has almost 6 months on the mission his name is Elder R. Santos. He is from Curitiba. My comp from the CTM elder Sudweeks is my Zone Leader haha. Lol. We have many investigators here only they have a difficulty with many things. One thing is going to church. Here being so close the fervelhas Sunday is a big party day for a lot of the locals. It makes things very difficult especially when temptation is on their door steps. So we will have to work with that. But the lord has blessed us for our work. We met a family. A woman named Sandra was in a small alley was with her two children we met her at her friend’s home. We have been teaching her. We met her Thursday. She has completed all the invites we left for her and she went to church alone. We stopped by almost at the time the meetings began and she had already left. We thought she was sleeping or something because we called and no one answered the phone. It turned out she had left before us and with her two children went to church and stayed there all alone. I was delighted to see that. We have a weeding we want to get planned so they can all be baptized. But her husband is already falling back into the same old routines he had. He has a great problem with the law of chastity. He has children with another woman and will leave to be with her. It gives us difficulties because to be baptized we need to marry him and the woman he is living with because she wants baptism also. And he needs to choose who he will stay with and what he wants. We will talk to him tonight…

As far as my area is I will like it. We played soccer today in a park that sits on the other side of the beach. So we had a good ocean side view playing some soccer. There is a member and his wife who are here for the summer. They attend BYU Hawaii. I have only seen them a few times. He played soccer today with us. We have a good chat. We will try to baptize his parents this transfer.
Well I am very happy that you are all doing well. I miss you and can’t believe how fast the time is flying. I hope you can pass through some of the church sites on your travels in Missouri there must by many. I hope you are loving the work and the vacation. I am praying for you and your travels. Love you all I hope all is well. Love Elder Allred