07/20/2009 Letter

Ou familia!! Como esta minha família tão legal. Voz amo sabia?

Well I guess things are going well. I was transferred and am in Setubal. It is in the city of Boa Viagem in Recife. I like it; it sits right on the edge of Borebema, one of the biggest farvelas in the city. I like it just fine though the members are awesome and they are taking care of us. I hope you are taking care of the missionaries there because here they are taking good care of me!!

Elder Riddle stopped by!! That is cool. I hoped he would have a chance to meet you and you him. He was my trainer and I consider him a close friend. He helped me in a lot of ways with the first six weeks of my mission and remains the only American companion I’ve had on the mission. After the mission I will definitely visit him and his family. If I choose to go to SUU he will be there with me as well as 2 other good friends of mine on the mission. I am not exactly sure what I will do after the mission. I need some information. I know that we are supposed to be thinking and making goals for when we leave about now. I am not exactly sure what I will make of myself when I get home. I was wondering if I could be sent some scholarship apps or something. Maybe on p-day (I will clear it with president) I can fill out some scholarship apps. I have the military pilot thing in my mind I just don’t know what branch yet and also there is studying. Boise state would be cool to do and then again SUU also. I know my first year will be generals anyways. BYU would be great if I could get in. haha. So anyways I am pretty sure I will make a visit to Grand Junction also. If we are living in Boise by the time I get back. It would be a closer trip to visit all the guys from the mission 90 percent are from Idaho or Utah. Haha.

Well so I guess this week was a little rushed. I spent Monday working and trying to get the investigators ready to go for transfers. We worked on visiting the members and investigators before the call on Tuesday. Then the call cam I was transferred. And wait I had to pack again. So for the 2 time in 3 weeks I was packing and going to the transfer meeting. I am in boa Viagem now. I like it a lot. My comp has almost 6 months on the mission his name is Elder R. Santos. He is from Curitiba. My comp from the CTM elder Sudweeks is my Zone Leader haha. Lol. We have many investigators here only they have a difficulty with many things. One thing is going to church. Here being so close the fervelhas Sunday is a big party day for a lot of the locals. It makes things very difficult especially when temptation is on their door steps. So we will have to work with that. But the lord has blessed us for our work. We met a family. A woman named Sandra was in a small alley was with her two children we met her at her friend’s home. We have been teaching her. We met her Thursday. She has completed all the invites we left for her and she went to church alone. We stopped by almost at the time the meetings began and she had already left. We thought she was sleeping or something because we called and no one answered the phone. It turned out she had left before us and with her two children went to church and stayed there all alone. I was delighted to see that. We have a weeding we want to get planned so they can all be baptized. But her husband is already falling back into the same old routines he had. He has a great problem with the law of chastity. He has children with another woman and will leave to be with her. It gives us difficulties because to be baptized we need to marry him and the woman he is living with because she wants baptism also. And he needs to choose who he will stay with and what he wants. We will talk to him tonight…

As far as my area is I will like it. We played soccer today in a park that sits on the other side of the beach. So we had a good ocean side view playing some soccer. There is a member and his wife who are here for the summer. They attend BYU Hawaii. I have only seen them a few times. He played soccer today with us. We have a good chat. We will try to baptize his parents this transfer.
Well I am very happy that you are all doing well. I miss you and can’t believe how fast the time is flying. I hope you can pass through some of the church sites on your travels in Missouri there must by many. I hope you are loving the work and the vacation. I am praying for you and your travels. Love you all I hope all is well. Love Elder Allred

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