07/28/2009 Letter

Hey familia..
Well things are going well. We had a call on Sunday night that said we would have p-day on Tuesday because today would be our day for the temple. So I was privileged ounce again to attend the temple. And I am happy to say that I understood the entire session in Portuguese. I really was proud of myself. Sudweeks and Hales our LZ´s were there and I was glad to have gone to the temple with them. It reminded me of the MTC days. Well the week was interesting. We did a lot of tracting because our investigators have been falling. The saddest part of the week was that Sandra and her two kids couldn’t be baptized on the account of a threat given out to her by her ex-husband. He called and said he didn’t want his kids baptized in the church nor her for the matter. She seemed really distressed by the whole thing and didn’t want to cause any huge problems. We tried as much as we could to get things to become better but it didn’t give. She didn’t want us to talk to her husband and so we had to let her choose for herself. We are waiting for her to come back though and invited her for the future. It is sad how people will exercise unrighteous dominion on others. I have unfortunately seen it many times and I feel so sad for the person who is blinds himself and doesn’t allow others to make decisions for themselves. The worst part is he lives in an area I worked in Barra de Jangada. Only she has no clue where his address is or I would send Elder de Souza and Barrwick to talk to him about the Restoration.

Well other than that we were blessed. WE got a call on Tuesday and Airon who is visiting his family here from BYU-Hawaii with his wife and kid was on the phone. His parents aren’t members and his mom had some pain in her back and head and asked for a blessing. So we went over there to give her a blessing and marked a day to stop by and talk to them about the restoration. We had met them earlier and they had shown interest in the discussions. So on Sunday they prepared supper for us and we had a go time getting to know them better and also talked to them about the Restoration and about prophets. They have become fast friends of ours. Tomorrow we will talk to them again and see how things are with them. We played some soccer with Airon there at their apartment building today and it was a lot of fun. I want so much to help this family. They are a special family and will be very blessed. I feel they are an elect family and pray all will go well these next few weeks. Actually on Saturday we had stopped by their home again to invite them to church and reminding them of the Sunday night we had marked. The Airon´s dad wasn’t feeling very good either and we gave him a blessing also. I feel the lord has given us many opportunities and guided us to this family.
We are going to work more with the families around here and help them. Our investigators have so many problems with it being a more ghetto part of the city with the law of chastity. It holds them back, also Saturday being a day off and also Sunday being a day off for everyone there is a lot of temptation to drink and party. It brings a lot of problems into working with them because those who don’t want anything we have to stop visiting we only have a limited time here and if they don’t want anything why use the precious time when so many are waiting to here the gospel message in their homes? SO we have a lot of people that we have to cut lose. I think it will be ok though. Our obedience will bring about blessings.

I can’t believe you were conned out of three tacos and a dollar. Tyler Tyler.. I hope he learned not to take his wallet out like that again. Haha. That is funny. That reminds me of when I got on the mission in Arcoverde. Haha. I guess brothers are alike.

So you have to send an e-mail telling how Berkley is. I miss him a lot and want some kind of a film of him. I hope he is in good health also I’ve been worried I wont get to see him before I get home he’s getting so old. Please let me know how he’s doing. I love Berkley.

Well I think that is about it. We are going to continue to work with these amazing people. I see my love for them increase each day. It breaks us to have to stop teaching someone because we love the people so much. I know all will be great. I am having the time of my life here. My companheiro, Elder R. Santos is the best. I love you all. I am praying for you. Love Elder Allred.

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