08/03/2009 Letter

Hey familia How are things going? I hope well for you. I am praying for you. So how was your trip from Kansas City? Are you enjoying the time to travel?

Well this week was good. We talked to our family and it was a good learning experience. I learned that my love for others has grown and that I am just beginning to learn the love our Father in Heaven has for us. It is good to see a family grow together. This last week we taught them the plan of salvation. They had many questions and were all really excited to learn about it. Pedro said he had received an answer to his prayer and that he would study more about the Book of Mormon. Also, Erlaine said she would want to baptized but still has a little more prep work to go before that. I am hoping all goes well this week that we can help them be baptized.

We met a man named Flavio. The amazing thing was we had nothing to do for practically 2 hours so we went knocking on doors. We passed a man and I had a feeling to talk to him. As we talked to him he said he was having some problems with his family and wanted that his family stayed together. We shared a beautiful message of the restoration with him that was guided by the spirit. I felt the calmest I have ever during a lesson. He accepted more visits and we will begin teaching his wife as well. It was a great experience and we could see him light up inside as we talked about the gospel protecting families. I was every impressed by his acceptance. We will be working with him more on this.

A woman who we thought was a member finally was at home so we could talk to her. She accepted a visit and we talked to her. She wasn’t a member like we thought. She had stopped us only days before inviting us to come we thought her to be really less active. But she accepted a message and we taught her the restoration. She had once been with a Book of Mormon and had studied it as a child but her mother wouldn’t allow her to read it anymore. And so she was with out one for many years. As we taught her the restored gospel she was very attentive to where she could get a book of Mormon. She was in tears by the time we said the book we would give her was hers. She accepted the invitation to read and pray and the next day we visited her was already on chapter 10 of first Nephi. We will be working more with her as well.

I believe the Lord has definitely prepared these amazing people to receive the fullness of the gospel. They equally share one attribute that is their willingness to know, study, ponder it out in their hearts, and then ask of God and not men if the things which they heard and prayed about are true or not. They allow the spirit of the Lord to touch them and trust in his answer and his counsel. We do our part which is to teach the basic facts and principles of the gospel, but the real teacher is in reality the Holy Ghost. They are the elect because the truly follow the invitation to come unto Christ as children. Meek and submissive in their desires and in their faith. They willing follow the answers they receive with trust and conviction. This is the elect of God, those who follow Jesus Christ and ask Him and do not ask of other imperfect men what is true. I know what I talk to others is true and what I preach is true. But without their faith in asking of God nothing happens. I am as imperfect as the next and so that is why the message is so important to pray about. I learned that much about the message we have. It is unique and it is only through prayer that people know it to be of any worth or truth. I love it that way. It makes me feel better knowing that God gave me the testimony I have.

Well that is about it this week. A lot of knocking on doors and such also.
I couldn’t find a trolley for my luggage anywhere else. I heard they have some at the airport for me when I go home. Haha. If I can find one I will get it. Just to let you know. One guy in our apartment bought like 3 pairs of the same shoe and he only wanted to keep two pairs. My shoes are practically falling apart. So I bought the other pair which were never used because he is new to the mission, for 20 reis. Just so you are informed. They are good shoes and will keep the rain from getting in. 🙂 Well I love you. I am sorry I didn’t get your e-mail today. I love you all. I am praying for you and love you very much. Love Elder Allred

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