08/11/2009 Subject: last weeks e-mail that didn’t get through to you

Hey Familia, Yeah this week was crazy also. This first really cool news is that my companion in the CTM, Elder Timothy Sudweeks, was called to be an Assistant this last week. It was really cool. We had a division right before he was called up. It was great. He had already passed in this area and we visited some people who he had already seen. It was a pretty cool day. I enjoyed getting to work in the field with him and see how much we both have learned since then. Our baptisms fell through again. It seems like one big battle, as soon as we arrive on someone’s doors step, the adversary just seems to get in and ruin everything before we show up the second time. Amazingly enough we have the spirit with us in our obedience and there is no way he can stay for very long when we arrive. Luckily the new guy Elder Johnny William Wagner de Lima said something really interesting. He said “you lost the battle but we are winning the war.” I thought that was very inspired and it will serve me these next months of the mission.

I thought we would have a good 4 baptisms this next week but three were moved for further dates and this one fell through for the time being. We will visit him and his family tonight to make sure all is fine. We also had a difficult time getting in to visit the families this past week. They were either not home or had not bothered to come to the door. Altogether it was a very difficult week but that is the mission. I know I have many difficult weeks on the mission and it could have been was worse than what it was. We are showing a greater will to work and a greater desire to baptize and I know the Lord will bless us with support and his spirit and will direct us to those waiting for the gospel in their lives.

Well this week is my week for the Presidents interviews. I am not sure what will happen this time but I will ask for a fervent prayer on your part on my behalf that I will be able to present the information in an intelligent manner and in humility. I have been often amazed by the way that your prayers have brought so many blessings. Your prayers and those prayers of all those who read these letters and pray for me have helped me so much as well as the other missionaries who have like circumstances. There is no replacement for prayer and for thanksgiving. I liked how one of the things the prophet has asked us to practice is fervent prayer. I think I am just beginning to understand what that is exactly and there are so many things to learn. I think it will be a life time before I can get it right. But that is what life is for.

We are trying to get some references from the members. It is going really well. I have been hoping that the members will have more opportunities to meet people. I hope you are able to give some references to the sisters. I think some times we have no idea how much the missionaries are praying for us to have these opportunities and then they come and we miss them. I hope that you are able to share the gospel with all those who need it. The sisters/elders there in the ward will be very happy to have the references; because that is one more opportunity they have to share our unique message. Our family is doing well. We invited them to be baptized and they are studying hard and praying for their answer. Of course Heavenly Father gives the answer to all those who ask and we simply present the doctrine as the spirit teaches it. The direction comes from the spirit of the Lord and their answer and desires are between them and the Lord. So we will be working with them this week trying to get their worries out of the way. Their faith and the Lord will do the rest. The rules in the missionary manual say not to ask our family to pray specifically for things so I will just ask that you keep asking the general things; that I can have success in my work and the spirit to guide me. I know you already do that but I just wanted you to know you don’t have to include our family we are teaching in your prayers.

Well Megan I just wanted you to know that I am proud of you for being so courageous in your leaving home and going to college. Not that leaving home is necessarily a good thing but it also brings much growing up and you will learn much while you are in college. I know Dad and Mom raised a kind, strong, and faithful woman in you and that you will do many great things in your life. Remember who you need to call when you have problems you have two of the best people in the world waiting for you at home. And get on your knees when you need help. You will feel so close to your father in heaven during this time get on your knees and pour out your heart to him. (Alma 37:37) James 1 also will help out. Just remember With It or On It.

Hey Dad and Mom you will grow a lot during this time also. I know all will be fine. It seems like you are losing us but really you are gaining stronger children each time. I wonder how Heavenly Father felt looking at us when we left and knowing what a world we would be going to. But think of the happiness he has for us seeing us grow up so much and become more like him in every way. Everything he has left for us to learn we grow with and become greater people and he is so proud of us. It will be a great experience to see her grow in newer experiences. I wouldn’t want to let her go either and I am way in Brasil. I hope all will go well I will include this time for you in my prayers and for Megan and Tyler as well. You have to send me her new address because you know birthdays are coming up in September. So Tyler you won’t be all alone for much time. Just hold out and you will grow some also. I have observed many of my friends who lived at home after their siblings left. They have a strength in them that doesn’t allow them to be sad. I know you will be happy in any situation. Continue to help Mom and Dad with things. It will be a good time to learn and take advantage of the extra responsibility you have. You will enjoy it I promise. You always had that undying happiness in you. I always wanted that. Have a great time and I will be with you soon and we will hang out a lot.

I love you all I know this is really long so I am going to go. Thanks for your prayers and thoughts. For all those who are reading this on the site also thanks for the prayers and thoughts. I love you all. Elder Allred

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