Hey familia.
Well I was surprised to see my e-mail from last week didn’t go through apparently the address to dads e-mail won’t accept my e-mails anymore. So I will be sending this to both the work and the e-mail at home. Probably will have a spare sent to my home address.

Anyways, imagine a week of running around. It looks like we as a family have been running around a lot this week. We had a lot of people we met on the street this week. We also had a baptism planned. Our blessings came because of the hard work we did. So first of all our baptism fell through. But she will be baptized this weekend. I can’t explain why it fell through but I will be sure to include it in my journal for you to read when I get home. Nothing bad happened it is normal but everything happens for a reason and so we will go with it and baptize her this Sunday.

We have been teaching a reference from my ol buddy Elder Sudweeks. Their names are Joao and Cida they are an older couple and love the missionaries. We have become close with them and hope to help them to accept baptism. Today was Sr. Joao´s birthday and so he invited us and Sudweeks and his comp to a Brazilian churrascaria similar to the one in Salt Lake. We ate lots of meat today. The members and investigators are treating us well here so make sure the sisters there are getting fed well, which I know you always do!!!!
We had interviews with the President. That was a lot of fun. I always enjoyed the interviews with President because I get more strength to work for my week. I had told him I was a little stressed about the baptisms this transfer. I have already had 4 fall through. He said it is all going to be fine because he knows we are working hard for the lord and even though things don’t always work out we plant seeds. He then told me about his son who served here in Recife about 4 years ago. He said that a few weeks ago a missionary found a Book of Mormon given to an investigator of theirs with his sons name in it. And that this person was baptized because of the seed planted years ago. You can imagine how tall I felt after walking away from that interview. It was a good reflection period for me. I need to remember that I am working hard and being obedient and as long as I am doing the work I will at least leave seeds in good ground somewhere.
Luzia and her grandson will be baptized this week. They have come a long way and I am proud of their commitment and love they show. We took them to a Family home evening in the ward last night. They really enjoyed it and told me how much it relieved the stress they were having. It goes along with that same thing I learned on the mission. You get a group pf people together who are all smiling and happy it is literally impossible to be sad and depressed. A laugh is contagious and a smile clears away all the stress. That night she had been having such a difficult time she didn’t even go to church. But she went to this activity and saw everyone having a good time over some of the simplest games (telephone and scissors) that she forgot all about the bad day she had. I want to implement that in my life.

We met a new group of people. He came up to us on the street asking for us to stop by. His name is Lula and he has helped us reach many of his friends. He was so excited to come to church that he was ready before we even came on Sunday at 8 o clock. We will be working with him this next transfer if I stay. We will have transfers next week. So next Monday I won’t write. Wednesday will be our p-day in this occasion.
I hope you are all having a great day and a safe travel. I know it isn’t easy to say goodbye. Unfortunately we have to do that part a lot in life. I’ve learned to say goodbye a lot here on the mission. But I know that I will have an opportunity to see them again. They only last for a little bit. I hope Tyler will be alright these next 6 months. It won’t be long. I can’t believe I only have 6 months it doesn’t seem possible. Well I hope this letter finds you and that you have a great week. I love you and hope you have a safe trip.
Love Elder Allred

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