08/26/2009 Letter

Oi família
Well I was transferred can you believe it. I had believed that I was going to stay there in Setubal so you can imagine the surprise I had when talking to the assistants last night. Elder Davis was transferred and he was that was no surprise; he had been there for a long time. Then my buddy Elder Sudweeks says can I talk to E. Allred? Well I get on the phone and He doesn’t say anything I just laugh and say I can’t believe it. Then he said don’t worry you will like it. Well I packed until 2 in the morning because I had left all my stuff strung around the apartment and finally got into to bed to sleep. Yeah, so we get to the chapel to begin transfers and the transfers passed for a while with out my name and I was getting nervous already. Then the área Rio Doce comes up and I get this thought like that would be cool,, and so my pic appears on the screen and I am reopening Rio Doce… Remember I served here during my birthday and through January. Also my companion’s pic didn’t show up on the board and the president says you will be training!!! I also received another responsibility with training a new guy and the president looked at my face and the way I was taking it and
Said“ I think we have scared him“ So I am back. It was closed to the mission for a transfer and the good members here were really saddened by that. The most of all was our Bishop who is one of the best bishops I have worked with on the mission so far. He had been very saddened by the news. So the President didn’t tell anyone and I was told the key to our house was at the bishop’s house and the bus passes right in front of their home. We got off the bus. Two missionaries with each a backpack and two luggages and who happens to be on the street walking past? The bishop’s wife. The surprise she had when she saw two missionaries ready to work in the área again was priceless; needless to say she was happy to see that I returned to the área. She immediately ran home to tell the Bishop. The Bishop was so happy to get us to the house he left with out sandals to help with our luggage. It was an experience to see how surprised he was. They made us lunch and we chatted for a while in catching up. I pray that I and my companion will do a success here in the área. I want to help this área so much. Elder Craig Justin Higgins is my new comp; he is from Florida and hás many similarities to me. His Dad also works for the government, only as an FBI Agent and hás moved around a lot also. I will find a great joy in working with him. It brings back good memories of my trainer Elder Riddle and I hope to be as good a trainer as he was to me. Even IF I was half that it would still be sufficient. About the other responsibility I received you will hear from the mission they will send an e-mail explaining about it. My last Comp R. Santos was called as District Leader as I had predicted and stayed in the área.

We baptized Aerlane!!! She was baptized in the ocean. Can you believe that? She will be sending a letter and pics to you of that. I really saw how much Heavenly Father helped everything work in the end after we worked to hard. It is no difficult principal in hard work. It only hás one element and that is work and more work. You don’t even need to be super charged with energy you can be tired but IF you work the Lord will work out everything in the end even when things don’t GO right. That is what I saw personally this past transfer. Well I love you all I will be working hard. I want to wish Dad big congratulations on getting the job to Boise. I knew with out a doubt you would do it and could do it. I will be visiting Sioux Falls after my mission for sure. I know that this is the Will of the Lord for our family and support it. I am glad I had a little sense to pack all my things before leaving. Now the only question is IF it will be easy for you to move it all. If you don’t have room for some of them and want to sell them its no problem. The mission hás taught me that it gets to be a pain to acquire items and have to move. Haha..Well I Love you all I can’t wait to hear from you again.
Love Elder Allred

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