Hey família.
How are you doing? Well this last week was pretty good for learning; I had to learn all the ropes again. Besides getting home a little late because I had to learn the área again so it was a good week. This week will be a better week and I think we will enjoy the time we will serve. A lot hás changed here since I was last here. Many members have moved and so there are some new faces to get to know. Also, the callings of some of them have changed, so I am getting used to working with the newer people. Our Ward Mission Leader is really good and I know we will have a lot of success with him. So how my companion reminds me of me is that he is pretty much like I was when I got on the mission. So I am trying to help him through that because I know that that isn’t exactly the easiest time. But, he speaks really good Portuguese and the people for the most part understand everything he says. We have been doing lots activities this last week with the members, trying to get them excited for the missionary work. It is a good experience and I think we will get a lot of confidence from the members. Our baptism fell through this week but she will be baptized next week with her younger brother. Some things happened and it didn’t go so well. The same thing happened in our other área of the district and so it was sort of an obstacle to get by. We will resolve everything and then it will be ok, but Saturday will be our baptism. I feel the wards will be really excited for this baptism especially because it hás been so long since they have had one. We have a lot of crazies here also and that makes the work a little interesting. One guy tried speaking English with me, that was pretty funny. We have a lot of people that only know what they hear at their church about our Church, so it hás been interesting trying to teach them what we really believe. But that is normal and I am getting used to it again.
So the work is good as I learn the new things I am supposed to learn, I am growing and that is important.
I am sorry I didn’t e-mail last week. We went to Maxeira and visited with a member from Arcoverde. She was visiting family and wanted to see me and Elder Brinkerhoff again. So we went there. But as the buses are as they are we were a little bit late getting home and we couldn’t e-mail. But I’ve learned that it isn’t good to do things like that the complicated way because it just makes everything complicated. Anyways it was an enjoyable Day and I thought of you. Dad I am sending your birthday letter soon. I need to pass by the post Office. You will get it soon. Would it be helpful if I began sending your letters to one of our family members’ homes when October hits? That way you will get all your letters. If you give me one of their addresses or tell me who to send it to when I send mom’s birthday letter out it will be sure to get to her.
I love Rio Doce I am sure we will have a lot success here and we will enjoy the time we have to serve. I hope I can do much better this week after having learned some things about what I am doing. That’s me I guess I get on to something and I have to learn usually a week in trail and error before I get it. My companion is a lot like me. He drops things like I do and doesn’t like to talk much in the morning after we wake up. Right now he is really quiet like I was at the beginning of the mission, so I told him about 6 months into the mission you’ll snap and be crazy just like the rest of us. It is sort of true about 6 months in something happens and we all go nuts and start talking to everyone.
So how is packing How is work and school and such? Tyler, tell Mrs. Bauer hi for me!! Well I hope goes well I love you all and I am praying for you always.
Love Elder Allred

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