09/14/2009 Letter

Hey familia,
From the sounds of everything you are moving right along to getting moved. I understand that moving must be a little less easy to do without us there but the Lord will allow for things to fall into their proper place. Well I am very happy to see that your callings are going well. Dad I am sorry to hear that you were so sick but I am glad you are getting better.

So about my week this week. We had a lot of new things happen. We scheduled a baptism for 6:30 on Saturday night. Unfortunately they didn’t show up until 8 and we had to do a baptismal service as fast as possible. In the mix of things I had about 15 minutes to make brownies because we were running behind and had 30 minutes to be at church. I wished I would have known that or I wouldn’t have made brownies in the apartment and would have kept my mind busy in the kitchen at church. Anyways we put the brownies in to bake at the church oven and the pan I put one batch into was way too small for the amount of batter I made and well the members thought I was burning down the chapel. lol.. but not really. Needless to say they were all very patient with the waiting and the fact I forgot to grab a spatula to get the brownies out with so we just grabbed one from the pan. I also forgot a knife to cut them with so I fashioned one up with plastic disposable cups. They got there and we baptized them. Crislani and Lucio are two special children of our father in Heaven. They are siblings. Lucio is 11 years old and Crislani is 16. It was a good service and after working so long with them it was gratifying for us to see them. We had an n interview with the president and one of our candidates for baptism on Tuesday. That was an interesting ride to town and back. We woke up and left the house at about 7:30 to get to their home at 8:30 to pick up a bus at 9 and arrive 10 min late at the secretary’s office. Any sooner and I would have been tired as all get out because we had to get home in time for lunch appointments and teaching. That started the week off really good. haha. But I love my work and I am happy to be here. Of course I do not glory for this in myself as Alma states in chapter 29 verse 9 but I do it for the glory of the calling I received which is through Christ. Also if we look further in that chapter we find verses14-16 that talk about the happiness we have when others have such success. Our district baptized 8 this weekend!!!!!

Well as I can say our week was a lot of emotional ups and downs. We have met a lot of less-actives in this ward that are trying to get out of the rut they fell into. We have been working with them and trying to help them out. One is coming back because his son was baptized on Sunday. I was asked to baptize him Sunday and confirm his son and now he is coming back. It was good to see that. Along with a young Lady who was baptized about 3 years back she has also fallen. She has stayed firm to most of her standards but a few and wants to come back. It is a good process one that has needed lots of patience but I am happy to stand in my calling and to exercise myself according the needs of that calling and I won’t complain. I will have to get the quote about that which I just mentioned it is from Brigham Young. It’s probably my favorite quote.

We have really had a good success with the missionary program here. The Ward Mission Leader has a great program that will start getting the missionaries more references. We will try to get DVDs so we can make a member reference list. And then the exposition of the ward here will shoot off in about 2 weeks.

My greeny got hugged by a drunk the other day. It brought back good memories of my first few months on the mission. We have a lot of hard time partiers here. Saturday starts the big time stuff until Sunday. Well as we were walking a man yelled at us and said. Oi galego, seus galegos com olhos verdes. Vem ca!!! (Hey whitey, you whities with green eyes come here) he was toast and so we didn’t want to talk to him. Anyways he chased us down the road because we wouldn’t stop so he could make fun of us. It was a different situation I’ve never been chased by anyone who wanted to make fun of me before. But that was ok it makes for an interesting story now. We have been doing well as a companionship. My comp already teaches half the lessons. I am getting used to the area. Finally we have stem that will work out alright. Anyways I guess that is about it. I love you all I hope you all have a great day. I am always praying for you.
Love Elder Allred

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