09/28/2009 Letter


Hey família…
It was really great reading your letters today.. Thank you for everything. I Love you all.
Well I had an interesting week this week. We worked hard for the people to come to church. A lot of our families were really sick or unexcited to come to church this week but we worked with them through it all and many came to church. We had 6 people there and 3 of them were references from the members here. It was something that left me happy because it means I could go in and actually work. The other Sundays were very difficult because very few people came and we wouldn’t be able to work much. I will tell you about Felix. We met Felix last Monday during p-day and marked a time with him later that week. In talking to him, he is from Austria. He hás lived 13 years here in Brasil and speaks fluent Portuguese. Also I have practiced A little of my German with him but I have practically forgotten everything I learned from school. Anyways it was really good and we enjoyed the time we had speaking with him. He came to church and we could see the spirit he brought with him we will be working all we can with him to help him. He hás a huge desire to serve others and I recognize someone who the Llord hás prepared.
We helped Fatima go to church yesterday. She was very excited. She hás a son a daughter of hers who have been looking at the church. We have been teaching their family. She ahs had many questions for us and I have seen that she hás been very receptive to the messages we pass to her. She made it to church yesterday and we are going to be helping her.
We played basketball today right by the beach. The court was on the other side of the street away form the beach and it was perfect. WE played with Zé who was one of them we played basketball with last week. His mother is Fatima. He is really good. We played a few games of 1 on 1 and also 21. It was good to get the old skills out again. Haha. Not that I am the man or anything but anyways it feels good. Elder Higgins is way better and I think He only lost to me because He was in the Center for 3 games. Haha. But IF you can’t beat them normally beat them when they are tired.
We have been teaching a lot lately. Each day I find myself getting more and more attached to Rio Doce. I love this área and will miss it when I have to go. The members here are amazing and have been taking good care of us. We have had a many good things happen this week. Almost like 3 weeks of hard work Just to have a perfect weekend. But that is what I have learned about missionary work. Sometimes you hit rock bottom but if you keep working it all pays off. This next week we will be working with the members to bring references to general conference and also investigators. We hope to have a few activities this week to help us out with integration. We are hoping also that this DVD idea will work out.  Well I hope all goes well with the move. I am praying for you and for your success and health. Tyler, Green Machine sounds pretty sweet to me. but also loopey sounds cool. You decide bro it’s your car. haha.. You will have to drive me around when I get home anyways because my license expires the month I get back. Haha. Dad enjoy the time you have in Salt Lake I am praying for you. Mom I understand how it feels to be moving. I get that way before everyone of my transfers. But everything works out. I haven’t hated a single área I have passed through (knock on Wood). Just don’t let yourself think any different.  Megan, have fun at college and enjoy your dating! Hope everything works out with your calling. Love you all I Will talk to you again soon.  I am praying for you.

Love Elder Allred

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