10/07/2009 Letter


Hey Familia. Como vai?
This week was a good one. WE worked really hard trying to find someone to baptize but really our investigators weren’t ready. But the lord answers prayers.  And he will give us the blessings if we will just do the work that is asked of us to do.  Conference was extraordinary for me. We got to watch it in English being that we were with more than just a few Americans. Anyways I have a few thoughts I would like to share on what my personal discoveries were if I may.
I believe that as individuals we have been asked to certainly make the changes necessary in our lives to bring others to a realization of the truth which the gospel has. The world is suffering from a big drop in all the qualities and attributes that were discussed during the conference sessions. We must not let those things slip away. Forgive me but I forgot my notes. There was one Authority that talked on tempered glass and how it was this tempered glass that saved his life from a pretty deadly car crash. He talked of the importance in being temperate in all things. Also Elder Holland’s testimony on the prophet Joseph Smith was so heart felt and gave our investigators that were present a new incentive. I can’t express the love I could feel from the Prophet during his talks. He talked on service and it truly brought it home for me on what our duties at home should be.
I think that conference really helped our investigators and really taught them the true values and the true order that exists in Christ’s Church. I was very grateful to take part in this my last conference during the mission. It will remain a favorite memory of mine. Well I talked of the Lord answering our prayers. It happened on Saturday after the 2nd session of Conference. We had been struggling to mark someone for Tuesday and it didn’t happen the way we wanted. A member came up to us saying her niece needed to talk to us. In talking to her we discovered that she had been to church 6 times already and had known almost everything including living the gospel principals. She has been marked for next Tuesday and she will be well prepared this week. The lord answers prayers for those who will go and do the work. Even if they can’t reach to that which they work for the lord does all the rest and makes it all happen. My heart was full and I was humbled.

My companion was transferred last night. We had given a good transfer of work and about 10:45 when I thought all was said and done and that we would stay together for another transfer my ol´ comp Elder Sudweeks called up. I could tell it was him because he was laughing when I said hi. He laughed for a little while after because he knows how transfers are and probably knew we thought we had dodged it and were sleeping. But it was a good kick to here him laugh and it made us happy. He asked for Elder Higgins and I handed the phone to him. He was transferred and I spent what would be the next hour cleaning and helping him get packed. The big thing was that he was transferred to my last area in Setubal 2 and he is with my last companion and good friend Elder R. Santos. So I know he will be well taken care of and will learn much…
That is my week. We had a good time working here. I am with Elder Amorim now and that will be a lot of fun. I can’t believe how fast it is going. I love you all I will be praying for you. Please send me the new address because I need to give the secretaries affirmation that I moved so I don’t get sent to South Dakota. If you want I could even tell them to send me to the Salt Lake City airport and you could pick me up there. Just an idea. Megan don’t worry if they don’t write back after a while they will get to it. Elder McBride told me he has been feeling bad about not having a moment. But the mission is like that sometimes. I love you and hope all is well. I will talk to you again soon. Good luck with the move.
Love Elder Allred

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