10/20/2009 Letter

Hey familia. So how are things going?
This week was a push to gat people marked for baptism but a good week to get references. We have received about 15- 20 references from the members. The one thing is that most of the references are really prepared by the lord and we are still trying to get them prepared for baptism. As far as Custodia we are preparing them for the meeting this Sunday. It will be exciting to see how far our labors have extended as well as the members that live there. I am hoping for a good outcome that way future missionaries can begin opening the branch out there. We went tracting the other day and tried a lot of the apartment houses here. We had a great success when we met a guy who just so happened to be in his sisters apartment to relax. He invited us in and we aught him the first lesson. It was a good experience. We will try and prepare him for baptism this transfer. We have done a lot of contacts and such it was really great to meet some of the people here. Also we are teaching an older couple now who actually made it to church yesterday!! One thing I am learning about the gospel is that it has everything we need for happiness and fills our lives when we are missing things. It is no wonder to me why anyone can learn the gospel and live by its teaching if they choose to. It is so simple to understand and everyone can find something they need from it. My favorite part of the mission so far is seeing the people make the changes themselves. It was always difficult for me to think about helping someone to change but in reality we just teach them according to what they need to know and invite them to make the changes themselves if they truly want it then they accept it and that is one of the best things to watch. The truth is they get their help to change because of the Holy Ghost. Elder Bednar said that our job as missionaries is to literally bring the spirit to them and then they have to choose to accept it or not. If they choose to accept the feeling that they get for the spirit than they themselves will be taught by it, it is interesting to me to look at it this way because in reality I am simply speaking according to what the Holy Ghost tells me and it is the one that teaches. Just some things I’ve been thinking about this week.

We did a lot of knocking on doors like I said. We had some good successes come from that as well. Right now we are just waiting for them to make the choices and we will begin teaching them more. Arcoverde is extremely hot now. It is beginning to be the hottest three months of the seasons. Summer here begins in less than three weeks but already it feels like I am in an oven. At least it is really dry here. The only thing I have to worry about is the sun. I am grateful for all the trees here it keeps us away from the sun. But the funny thing is at night it gets really cold. I guess that is because we are in the middle of the desert. There was a wedding this week in our ward. We were invited to attend and the new bishop wanted contact cards to place by the sign in book. It was a good wedding the stake president said some things about families and the relationships that were great. One bit of advice he gave was to allow every Friday night to be your wife’s night to choose what you will do. He said just because you’re married that it doesn’t mean the fun stuff stops, and encouraged the couple to date the same way when they met. My comp especially liked that part anyways…. We did a few contacts there. I met a friend of the brother who got married he is an English teacher and invited me out to his class this Thursday to talk to his class. That will be interesting. Three couples received their endowments in the temple Saturday including the couple that was married. The other two I have gotten to know really well here. I was a little bummed that I couldn’t go to see it.
Well Familia bem otimo quem eu ama bastante. I had better send this out I love you all I hope things are going well. I am praying for you all always. Love you
Elder Allred

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