10/26/2009 Letter

Hey Familia

It was a great week. I was called by the zone leaders to do a division in our zone in my district. It was a good day. I guess there were a few difficulties somewhere with the zone and they needed a break. So we woke up and left early to walk to the next area. I traded companions there and then walked back to trade again at the chapel here in Rio Doce. That was an exhausting trip. Then as we walked to our lunch appointment a guy stopped us on the street. He had invited us to talk to him. This guy we have been trying to find for almost 2 months now. He is Pricilla’s boy friend and has been taught by the missionaries before. Pricilla was baptized in March and so she has been preparing him. We have been teaching him, this week. The lord sort of put us in his way because that day he had been really wanting to talk to us. He hadn’t had the opportunity to get the number from Pricilla and found us. The amazing thing is that we had been doing a division. If not for the sudden division he would not have found us. We were scheduled to be in the 5th stage of Rio Doce during that morning.
We had interviews and I gave training at the district meeting. That was a lot of fun. I talked about finding the elects that are prepared by the lord is like finding rich minerals like the panners do. They don’t just pan for gold or other rich minerals but pic up all the minerals they can and with simple technique are able to separate the minerals that are precious. In any sense all souls are precious in the sight of God. SO that gives us even more incentive to teach all of the people we can teach and not just pick who we think are prepared. Many rich minerals can be lost if the panner is only looking for a certain type. I think it went well. I got my thoughts from thinking about all the family reunions we had in the Big Horns. I remembered one of the Uncles on the hike brought a pan with him and was panning in the river. It sort of went on from there.
Well we have been getting really close to a lot of good people here. Many of them are still trying to find an answer to their questions and that can only be done in Prayer. We are praying every night for them that they can receive what they need to realize that what we are teaching is true. We have seen many trials happen along the way but the Prayers are helping.
I gave an English class yesterday. I was expecting more people than those that came. Those that came were my companion and an old area 70. His name is Germilton and I and my comp have become good friends with him. This week he gave us each a tie and on Sunday we wore them to church. It is what he calls a relic tie and it is but it was a nice gift from him. He knows a lot about the scriptures and teaches us a lot of new things each time we visit him.
I’m anxious to hear how the move went and about Boise. It will be sort of different living there but I guess it will be easier to do mission reunions now, considering most of my group is from Utah and the other 2 are from Idaho. I hope all is going well with you. Megan the number of ward attendance is anywhere from 80-90 on average. So it is normal here.  Good to hear you had fun meeting Ron’s Family. I hope college continues to go well. Well I am going to be on later to read e-mails and such I love u all. I hope all continues to go well. I haven’t gotten the package yet I think perhaps it is because of the strike they had here in Brasil. Maybe track it and see if it got here or not. It seems every time I have a package sent here they decide to throw a strike again and then nothing gets sent to Recife. It hard to even send letters anymore here in the correios. But things will get better. I’m sending moms b-day letter today and I hope that Dad and Megan got there b-day letters that I sent them almost 2 months ago. Well I love you all hope all is going good with the move. I’m praying for you.
Love Elder Allred

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