11/02/2009 Letter

Hey família.
How are things going your way?  Well we baptized this week. That Guy we talked about who found us walking in the street was baptized on Saturday. He hás been preparing for this baptism for a long time now and it was done yesterday. We have been working a lot with the members for references. We have a new program similar to the older one. It was ounce Said that sometimes you have to GO back to the old way of doing things to accomplish the new difficulties. Sop we are giving DVDs and Scriptures to the members of the área to put a Picture and write a message to their friends. We then take the dedicated books or DVDs to their friends and try to talk to them about the gospel. It hasn’t gotten off the ground yet but we are trying.
    We managed to help Alexando and Suelly clean out their garage this week. Imagine it was Just like the good old days of cleaning out our garage. WE cleaned it all out in about 3 hours. Lunch fell through so they gave us lunch. It was a good Day and we had fun. I Love serving others. I see the importance in it. When we serve we also accomplish helping someone progress and it is hard to help someone progress with out you progressing with them. Sort of like walking with someone, you end up getting to the same destination at the end of the walk. I also managed to value the importance of working to help someone out. You feel much more accomplished in your life. You know that they will only give you a simple thank you and that seems to make all the difference in the world. I felt about 5 feet taller when I left their house. We have had many opportunities to serve members here and it hás brought about many blessings.
    We have been working a lot with our older investigators they seem to be getting more prepared each time we talk to them. We have seen so much happen to them and it is amazing that despite the crazy things that happen in life they seem to get back up again and keep going. I AM hoping and praying that we can help them follow all that they have found to be true. That we can help them follow all the answers they have been looking for.
    We carved a watermelon yesterday for Halloween. We were a Day late but that is all good. The watermelon was pretty funny looking carved. I and Elder Amorim had a good time and the Bishops son (Lucas) and Requiel were with us. I have pics that I’ll send to you.  My comp didn’t do too badly for his first time carving. I think I Will never GO back to carving pumpkins again for Halloween I think I Will probably just buy a watermelon and carve it for now on. 
We have been preparing Emerson and Itainy for a while now. They have been taught by many missionaries. Itainy received her answer a little while back and she hás been waiting for Emerson to get his. Well Sunday came. My comp was asked to GO in front to bless the sacrament. I was alone in the back benches and Emerson came and Sat next to me. The first thing He told me was. ´´ I read the part you marked in the Book of Mormon to read´´. ´´I prayed about it´´. “It’s True!!“ Well you know me and how well I can hold in excitement. It was difficult to hold it all back but good thing you taught me to be reverent in sacrament meeting. My comp saw that I was really happy about something. After sacrament meeting we talk to them and Emerson told my comp ´´ It is true“ He didn’t understand at first but acted like He did. We called him and his wife with their friends in to talk to us. The second time Emerson said it my comp looked surprised. They have decided to be baptized this Saturday.
Well I Love you all I hope is going well with you and that they move is going good. I will talk to you all soon.
Love Elder Allred

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