11/09/2009 Letter

Hey familia
Como esta a vida de vocês?
Well we have been working with a few families this week. But as always the opposition comes in. I have learned something. If it becomes too easy to do something right than perhaps there is something wrong in the equation. It always seems to be that the ones that are met with a lot of opposition are usually that ones that are more willing to follow Christ and keep his commandments. Of course we know that the adversary doesn’t want the elects of God to be found and he puts many things in the way for them not to be found. When they are it is sort of like a battle the whole time we help those individuals. So when we get so much negative opposition it is a good hint that we are in the right place.
WE had zone conference this past Thursday. It was very spiritually uplifting. I felt that spirit more each passing hour we sat listening. Our Presidente had been on a mission training with Elder Richard G. Scott. He told us of the testimony he gained in talking with him and in listening to his testimony. I am hoping to get the opportunity in hearing him if he passes here during his stay in Brasil.  President shared a thought with us on faith. He said that we have a step by step pattern in the way we use our faith in Jesus Christ. First we need to believe in his words, the words given t us by his prophets, and also those we read in scripture.
After we believe we need to compromise in doing everything that is asked of us. Then opposition will come when we reach that point of nearing our desired goal and doing his will. At that point we don’t give up but continue on in faith waiting for the lord to work his will. He will eliminate the opposition keeping us from completing his will. Then we need to get on our knees again and thank him for that ting which he did. I too was impressed by this before the conference. I was reading in Helaman chapter 10 about Nephi. I had been struggling with some things in the work that were leaving me almost discouraged. I read this and understood that we need to have faith and persevere in doing his will. WE often times remember our physical or spiritual weaknesses during times of opposition so we need to forget ourselves and get back to work. Then the lord does his part. I am very glad we have his helping hand in our lives and have felt it many time during this time on the mission. IT is a humbling experience to feel the love of our Heavenly Father in our lives amidst our weaknesses. He loves us and guides us and I have a testimony of that. Overall it was a good conference and strengthened us. It is good to reflect on these things while writing so thanks for being so patient in reading this.
The people we are preparing have met a lot for this option this week. One of the women we are teaching who was marked for baptism had a lot of trials come to her all at ounce. Her ex came by after 3 months asking her to live with him again, that same day her friend she hasn’t seen for practically 5 years came by asking her to go out with him, she has been working at her brothers beach hut to gain some money and was invited to drink and has been a little sick this week. The big thing that got her was the coffee. She drank coffee that week. So it has been a rough time for her. I know that the Lord will help her this week. And we will stop by her home to keep giving her the strength she needs.
Sunday was a good day. I sat in sacrament meeting and my comp was called by the bishop. He looked at me while talking to elder Amorim. I knew that the speaker was late and was scheduled to go at that time. And I had to laugh because I knew I was going to be called. So my comp came back sort of trying to decide if he was going to tell me or not. And I was called to speak with about 3 minutes of preparation time. Good thing I wrote the conference notes in my planner because I talked on that. They gave me 6 minutes and I talked for 15. I am not sure if it went so well but I felt good and the Holy Spirit was with me. Our recent convert Anderson who had found us on his motorcycle got the Aaronic priesthood on Sunday as well. I was very happy about that. Also Ediclenio who was baptized at the beginning of his mission by me elder riddle and elder whiting is going on his mission. He went through the temple last week. I didn’t get the memo until late and didn’t go. But hopefully I can pass through the temple with him before he leaves.
Well that was my week. I got the package you sent me. Thanks a ton for the music. It is all my favorite study music form home. I appreciate it a lot. Thanks also for the gadgets and candy. I hope it is ok to give the pez dispensers as gifts. Is that alright? Well I love you thank you for everything. The package was like getting a piece of home. I really loved it. I hope all is well with you and I am praying for you. I love you all.
Love Elder Allred

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