11/18/2009 Letter

Hey familia. Well I wasn’t transferred and neither was my comp. We are staying here in Rio Doce. I am not exactly sure what will happen as of now whether there will be an immediate change in the District or not. We will have to see about that one.  Well as far as the week is going we have had a lot of great things happen. irmão Germilton who had been away for so long has received a calling in the church as ward activity leader and also the ward “bem estar“ I am not sure how that is in English I forgot the title in English and can’t remember it. It deals with the distribution centers and helping families in need. He will be very dedicated and it is good to have been apart of the return trip he made to the church.
We are working a lot with members who are less actives. We want to help this ward grow a lot more and try to help the ward missionary program increase in size. We will be doing a series of activities in preparation for Christmas and hope to see a lot more excitement in the ward mission.  Emerson and Etyanne talked us last night. We had tried to see them and called them up to schedule something and they told us it would be difficult. Emerson was studying and everything. Well we did a division and I went to visit some of our investigators that live in the apartment building just under the building of Emerson and Etyanne. We had been in the middle of the lesson when Emerson came up to us and asked us to come and visit him. So we went. Etyanne got assistance to all the praying she had done. Her mother wasn’t excited for her baptism and she wanted to have her acceptance before she went ahead. Her mom told her on Monday that she was going to come and see her get baptized and also that she was waiting to get the Book of Mormon from us when she comes. So we left one for her when she comes. We are now waiting anxiously to see what day they want to decide to be baptized. We are going to talk to them tonight.
A young lady who we are talking to has been trying to come to church. She prayed and asked about the Church. Through her prayers she received an answer as promised in James 1:5 and she felt the spirit as explained in Galatians 5:22-23. She wants to go to church but is having problems going. We know that this happens much. There will always be opposition is the things that are righteous and that are true. Unfortunately that is the fact of life but what never ceases to amaze me is even though she and others have so much opposition in joining the church and following Jesus Christ they keep firm to the answer they received for them and keep doing all they can to go forward. We had been teaching a younger man about 13 years old. He had wanted to be baptized from the first day he went to church. In his prayer he asked if the church was true and if the messages we had been giving to him and his aunt were true. Even though his parents wouldn’t allow him to follow his answer he told us that he knows what is true and when he gets to the age where he can decide for himself he will find the missionaries again. It is my prayer that he will. It has taught me that when we receive an answer to prayer and our testimonies grow that even opposition can’t stop us from doing what is right. It might prolong it or make it a little more difficult to follow, but there isn’t a single thing that can stop a person if they truly believe in the answer they received.
Well the week went by we had a long day on Monday and Tuesday in preparation for transfers.  Last night the phone call didn’t hit us so all is good here. We have a lot to do here still and some things to work out in the area but I am excited for this transfer.  I love each of you. I am praying for you and wishing the best for you.
Love Elder Allred

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