01/04/2010 Letter


So we had a good week. I was called to stay here with my comp. but I and my comp had to go with the others in the zone to Recife for a counsel with other missionaries. We spent Monday night cleaning our apartment so that the sisters could stay in it. They had to come from Arcoverde. It took us practically the whole night to clean and prepare because of the last missionaries that left the mess. Anyways we did that and then went to sleep.
Tuesday was the big 21. That was cool. Our recem investigators made a cake for me and I won a stuffed animal tiger. That was funny. Yep and then we went to Eduardo’s house who has been preparing for baptism. Rianlly and his family made another cake and so I ate more cake. That was also a fun time. We had to leave early to let the sisters take the apartment and enjoy the hard work we put in to cleaning it. We packed up our backpacks and went to the other elder’s house. After that we had some time to relax and play some uno and whatnot. The other elders from Bom Conselho both were transferred so in the other house we had about 8 missionaries.  Early the next day we went to the transfer meeting. It was a long trip and the best part of the deal was that I got package!!! Ya!!! Sharesse sent me some pretty sweet stuff!!  Thanks Sharrese for everything but I will write you a letter to thank you in person sort of. Lol.
We had to get our haircuts so we went to the other zone leader’s apartment in Recife and worked the night there. Luckily we had a guy who cut ou hair for 3 reis. I never felt so sad about paying for a haircut. His haircut was very well done and he only wanted to charge 3 reis for it. I couldn’t help but think of mom and her hard work and considering the extra effort he put in to shaping my hair the way my head is  I paid him a little more because it was worth what he did.
But before this there was a shooting right outside in the street. I was sleeping waiting for my companion to get done and the next thing I know everyone is screaming and pulled me waking me up to the other side of the room. We turned off the lights and prayed and everything was fine. This is the 3rd time I have been near a shooting in my life…
Well we went to the meeting and left to come back home. During the ride we saw a rainbow during dusk hours. Could you believe the rainbow was entirely white? It was easy to see because of the charcoal dark rain clouds behind it.
These last few days we have been trying to get the missionaries all excited for this transfer.  I am praying for the best. I want to end my mission out hard just as I started it. I love each of you and I am praying for you all. I hope all will go well for you these next few weeks. I love you.
Elder Allred

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