01/11/2010 Letter

Hey familia!!!
How are things? Well things going good on this end of the world. We had a division this week it was sort of cool. I went with the other martins here in the area. We basically spent the three days trying to find new people to teach. It was cool because we had basically spent the whole afternoon tracting. I love tracting it is a lot of fun. We found a few people who were sort of interested but not a whole lot. The only thing with tracting is that you very rarely find someone who wants to up and come to church. Unfortunately herein Brasil Religion has become somewhat of a social past time more than an actual search for happiness in truth. Many times you will find it difficult to baptize using tracting because everyone already has their group of friends in their church. So we teach them and if they aren’t even interested in making a visit to church than that is about all we leave an invite and leave.
We probably would have had a lot more references this last week but some of the appointments fell through. The good thing is that this week there are a lot more appointments filled in because of rescheduling.
The ward here is really nice. It seems I get to give talks almost everywhere I go. I think I have given a talk at least ounce for every transfer. At least it seems like it. They are really patient with my Portuguese and that seems to make everything better.

I had a thought this week on my talk. It was about the attributes of the savior. It basically came down to this without trying to put his attributes and trying to become more like him there is no possible way we can return to the presence of God. Mathew 5 talks all about these attributes. We need to make ourselves more like him. The greatest of them all is love as explained in 1 Corinthians 13:13. I took a phrase from a talk given by Marion J. Romney. I found it in the Ensign of March. He says more or less that service isn’t something we do just to earn us the right to live in the celestial kingdom. It is the very fiber of which a celestial life is made.  So we need love and charity.  I also made the note, which has been seen by probably lots of people, that it is impossible to put just one attribute in our lives without having affected the growth of the others in our lives. I think the best way I can explain that is by giving you Moroni 7:47-48 I believe they are in this chapter if not 7 then chapter 8.
Well that was basically the week. Eduardo will receive the priesthood next week. So I am pretty much exited for him. Also Benê might move to Recife, which could be good for her in preparing for the temple.  We are trying to work more with Eduardo’s family.  So far the teaching has been going well. We just hope that they will continue to come to church and prepare to be baptized.
Well I love you all I hope all is going well for you.  I am praying for you and know it wont be too long now before I will see you all again.
Love you
Elder Allred

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