12/07/2009 Letter

Hey familia!!
Well unfortunately I was transferred on short notice. But that is normal. We had been doing great and it was more something that some other missionary had done that caused this transfer. It wasn’t in my district or anything but in another zone and so I was called there. I am interior again.  I am not exactly sure what the Lord has planned for me here but we will see what happens. I guess I will probably end my mission here we will see.
Anyways I got the phone call on Wednesday. It was sort of like a last minute thing. I got to the transfer meeting the next day and got the news. We spent all of Thursday scrambling to get here in Garanhuns before 7 o’clock because there was a baptism. So that was basically Thursday. Then on Friday Saturday and Sunday we spent our time getting to know the area because neither me nor my companion have been here before. Only I had done divisions here but they were in the other part that isn’t our area. I will get to see some of the folks from Arcoverde which will be good.  They will all be coming here for Christmas and so at least we will have the opportunity to see them again. Garanhuns is really different than any other area I have ever passed through. It is really cold here at nights. Much like Arcoverde. Only thing is that it sits in the top of a summit climb 1 hour from Arcoverde so it gets a little colder her.
The city is nice. It has a lot of trees and peaks. But don’t worry, I won’t go climbing any of them. I learned my first lesson. Anyways I guess that is about it in my life. We have about 5 areas in our zone and they are all really spread out. I guess that means me and my comp will have to do some traveling. Haha.

So has it snowed there yet? Are you having a good time in Boise? It sounds like everyone has been getting used to the life in Boise. Tyler if I could give you some advice and if you would take it I would say that it would be good for you to write on occasion to Sam and call him up when you can. I also kept in touch with Tyson during the time we moved. Try to enjoy the time you have also in High school. You will always have to move around in life and it is normal for you to feel the way you do. It means you care for others and it is sad that we have to leave behind the ones we care about. But you will be very grateful for the experiences of moving when you go on your mission. The other thing is that you are uniquely gaining experience that many never have the chance to have. I have known people to stay in the same place their entire lives. Although it has its advantages the experiences you are gaining also will enable you to gain many other advantages. Your life will be full of memories from many different places and you will find it easier to locate and connect with others. You will never lose your friends. Mainly because friendships aren’t measured in how far apart we are or distances, but they exist anyways through our love for others; so no distance can damage or break friendship it sort of puts a damper on the fun times but never our acknowledgment that they are our friends. And if our friends need us or we need them they are still there to talk to. The lord will greatly need people like you in his mission field as he has used me my entire mission. I can do absolutely nothing wrong and I still get transferred. So I have had to move more than 10-12 times during my mission. Luckily I was already prepared for it and found it easier to do my work while others get transferred, become easily unhappy with it and drop their work. They go haywire on the mission. I won’t tell you that it was easy for me to move. It never was and never is sometimes it takes a few days to get used to the area and the people. Sometimes we are filled up with negative thoughts but in the end it all works out and if we just continue to do the right thing than we are blessed. So just keep up being the cool guy you are and everything will go good. You will see your friends again.
Well I guess that is about it with my life on the mission. Sure I had my negative thoughts when I got here but they are slowly getting resolved with time. I think my next week all will be normal. Just so you know a transfer to interior is a pretty drastic move. It means letters, people, and many good comforts such as an HSBC bank are gone. But it was really funny I think almost inspired. I went to Bom Conselho the other day and we had to do some interviews there. One of the missionaries there, Elder Ferrari had what is called a “survivor button´´ (probably deranged from the same idea as the easy button. You push it and it started to sing that 70´s music ´´I will survive“ I cracked up; it was perfect for the situation I was in. Well I think I will let you guys go. I love you all and hope that all is going well. I am praying for you continually. I love you.
Elder Allred

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