12/14/2009 Letter

Hola Familia.
Things are going well here. I am enjoying my stay here in Garanhuns. We had a rush week we had to go to Recife on Friday and it was a crazy week. I’ve been learning a lot lately and it has been a good learning experience. Anyways the highlights of the week are that we found a few new families and a few people that haven’t been to church for a long time. Also we are working a lot more with the members here. We did a division on Tuesdays and Wednesday with an area that is really having a lot of troubles here. We gave them some advice and tried to help them with what we could. During the division I had to travel to another town nearby for a lunch appointment and also in trying to locate an investigator who is trying to prepare for baptism. It was another one of those moments where you learn by experience. We had no idea when the bus leaves and so we didn’t get the bus until 12;40 because the only other bus leaves at 12;40 so we got there at enough time for our appointment with the one of the ladies in our ward and had only an hour to try and get someone to teach. Unfortunately the last buss from the town leaves at like 4:00 so it didn’t leave much time to find her. It was sort of a waste of time really but next time it will be smooth runnings.

We left to go to Recife on Friday because Elder Richard G. Scott and Elder W. Craig Zwick were there to speak to us. Also sister Beck the President of the Relief Society was there also to speak to us. It was a good meeting. We had to leave on Friday because the meeting was going to take place on Saturday in the morning so we slept in another house. I think that is the first time in my life that I haven’t been able to sleep. Aside from the fact that I can sleep on solid rock if I wanted to the couch I was assigned to was horrible and the mosquitoes were relentless. Needless to say I was glad we had a return trip so that I could get some sleep. Anyways we got to the meeting and I learned a lot of new things. The best part of the meeting was when Elder Scott asked us to tell our President and his wife the good things we liked about them. I don’t think I had ever seen president cry as he did that day. He told us his Christmas at that moment was complete. Elder Scott than asked us to do a training which was fun and he called on the others in the room to speak to us. I wrote some things down. It was really difficult to write a lot of things that came to mind because I didn’t want to miss anything that was being said. Anyways at the end Elder Scott bore his testimony telling us that he knows Jesus Christ lives, because he knows him. It fortified my own testimony. We also had the opportunity to greet him and shake his hand. This will have been my third time meeting an apostle of Jesus Christ. It will be my last group meeting with a general authority. We got back in our area on Saturday night and began working again trying to find people to teach. Garanhuns is really different from the other cites I’ve passed through it is much cleaner and has a good feeling to it. I don’t worry so much about crime here. The members are friendly.
I had a great surprise on Sunday. If you remember form Arcoverde a family we had taught. We reactivated Amria and baptized her two kids and also her niece (who recently got married) and my last comp Elder Amorim baptized their Grandma. Anyways they came and visited me here during stake conference. It was one of those really happy moments knowing that they are staying firm to the gospel that was taught to them and to the testimony they received. They are all doing really great and we had a good talk about life and stuff. It is always good to see the people I helped to be baptized stay active in the church after so much time.
Well I love you all and hope this letter finds you well. I miss all of you and hope all is going well there. I am praying for you always.
Love Elder Allred
p.s. I will be working on getting a phone number this week to send to you before Christmas.

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