12/22/2009 Letter

Hey Familia
well I guess yesterday we had to go to the p-day especial in Recife we got home about 8 at night. But I will send to you the telephone number and the time at which we can talk. Because of the number of elders I will need to talk to you about 8 at night here my time.   I believe that the other elders should be finished. But it is sort of funny here and I choose not to judge them, sometimes they stay on longer than they should so if it is busy I will still hang on and be at the chapel. It will be good because I will be the last to talk on the day so there won’t be any rushing. I look forward in talking to you this Christmas.
I guess a lot happened this last week. I was gone for the better part of last week in a city called Bom Conselho. (Good counsel) I was on division trying to help mark baptisms. It was a good success. We managed to help 3 people accept dates to be baptized.  It was funny to get to know the people there in the short time I was there. I did a division with Elder Ferrari. I will make sure I can write specifically in my journal what happened so you can read it after words. I got home on Saturday after we did interviews and while we were walking to an investigators house we got a call from Carlos, the 1rst counselor of the bishopric. He asked me to talk on the birth of Jesus Christ. Well imagine me talking about that subject in 10 minutes. It’s like trying to pack an elephant in a ring box. There is so much to analyze that I stayed up until 3 in the morning writing out my ideas. I took a Liahona and started to read it. Interesting I found what I needed. Instead of giving a talk for 10 minutes I gave it for 15 and talked about the importance of Christmas and included the birth of our savior as a leading subject of my talk. I then talked about the importance of keeping the spirit of Christmas in ourselves by doing service for others and an increase in love. And so by having the spirit of Christmas with us can we truly remember the savior. So it went well because the first talk was 10 minutes and I had all the time in the world to talk after. The lord probably knew that I would need a little more time. But imagine a subject so encompassing as that on the actual birth of our savior. It is so big  a subject that in the book ´´Jesus the Christ“ its event leading up to it, the actual thing itself and the small events taking place after comprise about 4 chapters of hard reading and lots of end notes. So I wasn’t sure how I was going to do it but I managed.

Yesterday was good we did our p-day and I blistered my feet playing soccer. But all is good. Yesterday I put oxygenated water on it and a band aid dad made me buy especially for blisters. But it was a big sucker. It took up almost my whole big toe on the underside. I just talked with Elder Cluff for a while. He and I are really good friends. He wants me to come and visit him after the mission in Arizona. He is in my group also. Cool thing is that in Boise Elder Durrant from my CTM District lives there. And Cluff and Durrant are practically brothers from the mission. Durrant is in the Manaus Mission and I think gets home a few days before I do. So when Cluff comes up to visit him they are going to call me up to hangout. That will be cool.
Well I love you all. We are working hard here and I will tell you about the special things that are happening here when we get those things accomplished. I can’t wait to talk to you. Love you.
Eder Allred

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