Letter from 07/02/2008

Boa Dia Meu Familia? Como estas coisas? This week has been really interesting we baptizedFabia on Saturday and have received over 14 new investigators from knocking on doors. It has been a rewarding week. Last Wednesday we had a sad but also good meeting. Our President and His wife have about ended their mission and will be leaving this week. We meet our new president on Friday. It was a lot of fun and very sad to see I only really got to know them for three months. But there will be reunions after the mission. It was a lot of fun trying to get to Cararu though we took a taxi of sorts over the mountain and everything lots of fun!!!! Then it was zone conference!! After zone conference we went to a meat place and ate it was really good stuff. We said goodbye to our president and his wife and then the District leader came up to me. So Elder Allred, are you ready for divisions? Yeah no one told me about them. So I went to a different city with nothing but my study materials I had brought and spent the night out there!! That was a lot of fun!! Then the next day it was back to Arcoverde and work. I read a quote the other day from President Ezra Taft Benson he said the key to missionary work is work!! SO I work harder now and I can a difference in the mission experience when I focus all my efforts on the work then on other things related to the mission. It has helped greatly.  Also I received some great letters from grandparents. All the letters I've received from them have really been a blessing. Thanks also for the words of encouragement you sent me on my mission I used to read them when I had problems. Now I am pretty acclimated and loving the mission more each day!!! It doesn't seem like I've been out as long as I have it goes by too fast.  SO sorry for the spelling this keyboard is really cheap!! Lol. Anyways I will share with you what happened to me during a lesson. We were inviting an investigator to attend church this Sunday she has so many doubts. We were trying to explain to her some things about her doubts. She had one more thing. She said she worried that people would talk about her and point and laugh immediately Ether 12:26 came to mind. It was perfect for her it seemed to calm all her worries. That just goes to show that through the spirit people are taught. The scripture I had used for other things in my personal life but to her it meant something different.  Anyways we will visit her tonight and see how things are going. I hope that her doubts are gone!! Well this week we have one more baptism and then it is transfers. We will see if I stay or go but I hope to stay!! If I go I will try to write next week. Sometimes transfers are difficult to write on!! Love you all.Elder AllredThanks for all your prayers and support.  So the Internet just crashed and if I didn't answer all your questionsI am sorry I will try and read your e-mails another day. We aren't so lucky to have good Internet here in Brazil!!! I will try to send this out as soon as I am able, sorry. Hey dad I am just right next to the football field, I can see it from my house also their is  a Texaco in my area the apartment I don't know but I will get the number for you if I don't get transferred!!! Love you dad, love you mom


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