Letter from 07/21/2008

Oi meu Familia!!!
Well this week has been ups and downs. Let’s start with the really sad part. We lost our family last Saturday. It was probably one of the most depressing times I’ve had. We tried to return and talk to them but they weren’t there. It was a pretty depressing day. But the next day we were blessed in abundance with a new investigator who has been taught the lessons and moved. We just need to prepare him for the interviews and teach him a little more for this Saturday. Also the youth had an activity that allowed us to receive 6 new referrals and we contacted 2. We have a lot to be thankful for now. My meeting in Cararu went well. Of course it was the first time we had the opportunity to listen to an actual zone conference with President Emerik our new president. He was really all for contacts which makes me happy because I love contacts.


That is funny that you say that about my comp, mom. I had the same thing happen to me. He is a good guy, it just is taking me some time to adjust to having to share an apartment with someone. So who else is in the branch with you that transferred over? Whitlock’s and Bair’s I am thinking. I am glad to hear the new ward is going well. Believe me I am getting accustomed to changes and they aren’t easy to make but it is the will of the lord that we make changes in our lives and when we do it is because he has something for us. Here I am trying to adjust to working with members more. In my last area the members were practically beating the door down with references and help. Here it is different. And the work is only going to increase if work with the members. It makes me wish I would have worked more with the missionaries back home and given them more references. Anyways it gets really cold here at nights. It rains almost ounce a day too. But everyone already knows the crazy Americans are pretty much accustomed to cold weather. I get asked all the time. Elder Allred esta com frio? Nao esta com frio nao.. Que Isso!!! Esto accostmado na neve isso nada!! (As near as I can tell, it saysElder Allred, how are you with this cold?  This isn’t cold, what’s this?  This is nothing like snow.”)  It is pretty much like that. But I am wondering how Elder (Jason Morgan) Allred in São Paulo is doing. I bet it is way cooler down there. Right now I just sleep with my socks on. I seem to be alright with that. I have to have the fan blowing on me at all time though. The mosquitoes here can’t get me that way! The repellant works half and half but if I don’t have the fan on me then they just bite me anyways.


We had 2 baptisms this last Saturday. That is the good that happened. The day wasn’t so depressing after those baptisms. I baptized Diego who is 14 years old. His friend Nando was baptized 2 weeks ago, Elder Sampaio baptized Marcos who is the other of their group of friends. We have 2 planned for this Saturday. It seems the younger men are always the first in our lessons to be baptized. The parents never seem to accept the lesson or don’t want to change. But we work with them and give them the opportunity. One thing I’ve learned is I do my part the best that I am able with the skills given me and the Lord does his part, finally it is up to the investigator to do their part. If they don’t accept the message or choose not to do what we invite them to do then that is all that can be done. Elder Bednar taught that to us!!


Man the Cracker Barrel sounds sooooo good right now!! Oh well I guess I can wait for another 2 years!! I didn’t get the package but that is probably because the corrieos are on strike again and probably won’t receive any for a while. Second time in 5 months this has happened I have a feeling it will happen more!! Hey Tyler I am not sure the name of it. But it begins with these words as much as I can remember them from my companion.´´ It starts with you.. It …. Why… it doesn’t even matter how hard you try..´´(chorus) I try so hard and get so far.. but in the end it doesn’t even matter.. I get so far to lose it all but in the end it doesn’t even matter!!!“ I hope that helps. It has this music at the beginning that the ring tone uses that is a bunch of single piano notes. My last comp knew the lyrics by heart and told them to me the day of transfers I thought it went well with what transfers feel like to us missionaries. We don’t really like them!! Well I had better I love you guys!!!

Elder Allred


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