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Jason will be returning from his mission to Brazil on February 9, 2010.  The time has really gond by quickly.


01/11/2010 Letter

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Hey familia!!!
How are things? Well things going good on this end of the world. We had a division this week it was sort of cool. I went with the other martins here in the area. We basically spent the three days trying to find new people to teach. It was cool because we had basically spent the whole afternoon tracting. I love tracting it is a lot of fun. We found a few people who were sort of interested but not a whole lot. The only thing with tracting is that you very rarely find someone who wants to up and come to church. Unfortunately herein Brasil Religion has become somewhat of a social past time more than an actual search for happiness in truth. Many times you will find it difficult to baptize using tracting because everyone already has their group of friends in their church. So we teach them and if they aren’t even interested in making a visit to church than that is about all we leave an invite and leave.
We probably would have had a lot more references this last week but some of the appointments fell through. The good thing is that this week there are a lot more appointments filled in because of rescheduling.
The ward here is really nice. It seems I get to give talks almost everywhere I go. I think I have given a talk at least ounce for every transfer. At least it seems like it. They are really patient with my Portuguese and that seems to make everything better.

I had a thought this week on my talk. It was about the attributes of the savior. It basically came down to this without trying to put his attributes and trying to become more like him there is no possible way we can return to the presence of God. Mathew 5 talks all about these attributes. We need to make ourselves more like him. The greatest of them all is love as explained in 1 Corinthians 13:13. I took a phrase from a talk given by Marion J. Romney. I found it in the Ensign of March. He says more or less that service isn’t something we do just to earn us the right to live in the celestial kingdom. It is the very fiber of which a celestial life is made.  So we need love and charity.  I also made the note, which has been seen by probably lots of people, that it is impossible to put just one attribute in our lives without having affected the growth of the others in our lives. I think the best way I can explain that is by giving you Moroni 7:47-48 I believe they are in this chapter if not 7 then chapter 8.
Well that was basically the week. Eduardo will receive the priesthood next week. So I am pretty much exited for him. Also Benê might move to Recife, which could be good for her in preparing for the temple.  We are trying to work more with Eduardo’s family.  So far the teaching has been going well. We just hope that they will continue to come to church and prepare to be baptized.
Well I love you all I hope all is going well for you.  I am praying for you and know it wont be too long now before I will see you all again.
Love you
Elder Allred

01/04/2010 Letter

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So we had a good week. I was called to stay here with my comp. but I and my comp had to go with the others in the zone to Recife for a counsel with other missionaries. We spent Monday night cleaning our apartment so that the sisters could stay in it. They had to come from Arcoverde. It took us practically the whole night to clean and prepare because of the last missionaries that left the mess. Anyways we did that and then went to sleep.
Tuesday was the big 21. That was cool. Our recem investigators made a cake for me and I won a stuffed animal tiger. That was funny. Yep and then we went to Eduardo’s house who has been preparing for baptism. Rianlly and his family made another cake and so I ate more cake. That was also a fun time. We had to leave early to let the sisters take the apartment and enjoy the hard work we put in to cleaning it. We packed up our backpacks and went to the other elder’s house. After that we had some time to relax and play some uno and whatnot. The other elders from Bom Conselho both were transferred so in the other house we had about 8 missionaries.  Early the next day we went to the transfer meeting. It was a long trip and the best part of the deal was that I got package!!! Ya!!! Sharesse sent me some pretty sweet stuff!!  Thanks Sharrese for everything but I will write you a letter to thank you in person sort of. Lol.
We had to get our haircuts so we went to the other zone leader’s apartment in Recife and worked the night there. Luckily we had a guy who cut ou hair for 3 reis. I never felt so sad about paying for a haircut. His haircut was very well done and he only wanted to charge 3 reis for it. I couldn’t help but think of mom and her hard work and considering the extra effort he put in to shaping my hair the way my head is  I paid him a little more because it was worth what he did.
But before this there was a shooting right outside in the street. I was sleeping waiting for my companion to get done and the next thing I know everyone is screaming and pulled me waking me up to the other side of the room. We turned off the lights and prayed and everything was fine. This is the 3rd time I have been near a shooting in my life…
Well we went to the meeting and left to come back home. During the ride we saw a rainbow during dusk hours. Could you believe the rainbow was entirely white? It was easy to see because of the charcoal dark rain clouds behind it.
These last few days we have been trying to get the missionaries all excited for this transfer.  I am praying for the best. I want to end my mission out hard just as I started it. I love each of you and I am praying for you all. I hope all will go well for you these next few weeks. I love you.
Elder Allred

12/28/2009 Letter

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Hey familia. Well we had a baptism on Saturday. It went well. Her name is Benê. She has had a very difficult life but I know through the gospel she will find the peace she needs. The important step now is that she goes to the temple. I know that it will bring comfort to her more and more each day.
Well I will pull out the money later just so you know.
Also I wanted you to know that it was great talking to you this last Friday. I enjoyed it and don’t worry, I wont let it get me trunky.
Transfers are either tonight or tomorrow. I am not exactly sure what is going to happen but what ever it is I will follow the Lord’s will in things. I am hoping for the best. Although this last week was a little crazy in our zone. We kindda came out weak. But next transfer will better things. I love you all I am happy to be here and look forward to seeing all of you soon. I am sorry this is so short. I love you and have a great week.
Love Elder Allred

12/22/2009 Letter

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Hey Familia
well I guess yesterday we had to go to the p-day especial in Recife we got home about 8 at night. But I will send to you the telephone number and the time at which we can talk. Because of the number of elders I will need to talk to you about 8 at night here my time.   I believe that the other elders should be finished. But it is sort of funny here and I choose not to judge them, sometimes they stay on longer than they should so if it is busy I will still hang on and be at the chapel. It will be good because I will be the last to talk on the day so there won’t be any rushing. I look forward in talking to you this Christmas.
I guess a lot happened this last week. I was gone for the better part of last week in a city called Bom Conselho. (Good counsel) I was on division trying to help mark baptisms. It was a good success. We managed to help 3 people accept dates to be baptized.  It was funny to get to know the people there in the short time I was there. I did a division with Elder Ferrari. I will make sure I can write specifically in my journal what happened so you can read it after words. I got home on Saturday after we did interviews and while we were walking to an investigators house we got a call from Carlos, the 1rst counselor of the bishopric. He asked me to talk on the birth of Jesus Christ. Well imagine me talking about that subject in 10 minutes. It’s like trying to pack an elephant in a ring box. There is so much to analyze that I stayed up until 3 in the morning writing out my ideas. I took a Liahona and started to read it. Interesting I found what I needed. Instead of giving a talk for 10 minutes I gave it for 15 and talked about the importance of Christmas and included the birth of our savior as a leading subject of my talk. I then talked about the importance of keeping the spirit of Christmas in ourselves by doing service for others and an increase in love. And so by having the spirit of Christmas with us can we truly remember the savior. So it went well because the first talk was 10 minutes and I had all the time in the world to talk after. The lord probably knew that I would need a little more time. But imagine a subject so encompassing as that on the actual birth of our savior. It is so big  a subject that in the book ´´Jesus the Christ“ its event leading up to it, the actual thing itself and the small events taking place after comprise about 4 chapters of hard reading and lots of end notes. So I wasn’t sure how I was going to do it but I managed.

Yesterday was good we did our p-day and I blistered my feet playing soccer. But all is good. Yesterday I put oxygenated water on it and a band aid dad made me buy especially for blisters. But it was a big sucker. It took up almost my whole big toe on the underside. I just talked with Elder Cluff for a while. He and I are really good friends. He wants me to come and visit him after the mission in Arizona. He is in my group also. Cool thing is that in Boise Elder Durrant from my CTM District lives there. And Cluff and Durrant are practically brothers from the mission. Durrant is in the Manaus Mission and I think gets home a few days before I do. So when Cluff comes up to visit him they are going to call me up to hangout. That will be cool.
Well I love you all. We are working hard here and I will tell you about the special things that are happening here when we get those things accomplished. I can’t wait to talk to you. Love you.
Eder Allred

12/14/2009 Letter

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Hola Familia.
Things are going well here. I am enjoying my stay here in Garanhuns. We had a rush week we had to go to Recife on Friday and it was a crazy week. I’ve been learning a lot lately and it has been a good learning experience. Anyways the highlights of the week are that we found a few new families and a few people that haven’t been to church for a long time. Also we are working a lot more with the members here. We did a division on Tuesdays and Wednesday with an area that is really having a lot of troubles here. We gave them some advice and tried to help them with what we could. During the division I had to travel to another town nearby for a lunch appointment and also in trying to locate an investigator who is trying to prepare for baptism. It was another one of those moments where you learn by experience. We had no idea when the bus leaves and so we didn’t get the bus until 12;40 because the only other bus leaves at 12;40 so we got there at enough time for our appointment with the one of the ladies in our ward and had only an hour to try and get someone to teach. Unfortunately the last buss from the town leaves at like 4:00 so it didn’t leave much time to find her. It was sort of a waste of time really but next time it will be smooth runnings.

We left to go to Recife on Friday because Elder Richard G. Scott and Elder W. Craig Zwick were there to speak to us. Also sister Beck the President of the Relief Society was there also to speak to us. It was a good meeting. We had to leave on Friday because the meeting was going to take place on Saturday in the morning so we slept in another house. I think that is the first time in my life that I haven’t been able to sleep. Aside from the fact that I can sleep on solid rock if I wanted to the couch I was assigned to was horrible and the mosquitoes were relentless. Needless to say I was glad we had a return trip so that I could get some sleep. Anyways we got to the meeting and I learned a lot of new things. The best part of the meeting was when Elder Scott asked us to tell our President and his wife the good things we liked about them. I don’t think I had ever seen president cry as he did that day. He told us his Christmas at that moment was complete. Elder Scott than asked us to do a training which was fun and he called on the others in the room to speak to us. I wrote some things down. It was really difficult to write a lot of things that came to mind because I didn’t want to miss anything that was being said. Anyways at the end Elder Scott bore his testimony telling us that he knows Jesus Christ lives, because he knows him. It fortified my own testimony. We also had the opportunity to greet him and shake his hand. This will have been my third time meeting an apostle of Jesus Christ. It will be my last group meeting with a general authority. We got back in our area on Saturday night and began working again trying to find people to teach. Garanhuns is really different from the other cites I’ve passed through it is much cleaner and has a good feeling to it. I don’t worry so much about crime here. The members are friendly.
I had a great surprise on Sunday. If you remember form Arcoverde a family we had taught. We reactivated Amria and baptized her two kids and also her niece (who recently got married) and my last comp Elder Amorim baptized their Grandma. Anyways they came and visited me here during stake conference. It was one of those really happy moments knowing that they are staying firm to the gospel that was taught to them and to the testimony they received. They are all doing really great and we had a good talk about life and stuff. It is always good to see the people I helped to be baptized stay active in the church after so much time.
Well I love you all and hope this letter finds you well. I miss all of you and hope all is going well there. I am praying for you always.
Love Elder Allred
p.s. I will be working on getting a phone number this week to send to you before Christmas.

12/07/2009 Letter

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Hey familia!!
Well unfortunately I was transferred on short notice. But that is normal. We had been doing great and it was more something that some other missionary had done that caused this transfer. It wasn’t in my district or anything but in another zone and so I was called there. I am interior again.  I am not exactly sure what the Lord has planned for me here but we will see what happens. I guess I will probably end my mission here we will see.
Anyways I got the phone call on Wednesday. It was sort of like a last minute thing. I got to the transfer meeting the next day and got the news. We spent all of Thursday scrambling to get here in Garanhuns before 7 o’clock because there was a baptism. So that was basically Thursday. Then on Friday Saturday and Sunday we spent our time getting to know the area because neither me nor my companion have been here before. Only I had done divisions here but they were in the other part that isn’t our area. I will get to see some of the folks from Arcoverde which will be good.  They will all be coming here for Christmas and so at least we will have the opportunity to see them again. Garanhuns is really different than any other area I have ever passed through. It is really cold here at nights. Much like Arcoverde. Only thing is that it sits in the top of a summit climb 1 hour from Arcoverde so it gets a little colder her.
The city is nice. It has a lot of trees and peaks. But don’t worry, I won’t go climbing any of them. I learned my first lesson. Anyways I guess that is about it in my life. We have about 5 areas in our zone and they are all really spread out. I guess that means me and my comp will have to do some traveling. Haha.

So has it snowed there yet? Are you having a good time in Boise? It sounds like everyone has been getting used to the life in Boise. Tyler if I could give you some advice and if you would take it I would say that it would be good for you to write on occasion to Sam and call him up when you can. I also kept in touch with Tyson during the time we moved. Try to enjoy the time you have also in High school. You will always have to move around in life and it is normal for you to feel the way you do. It means you care for others and it is sad that we have to leave behind the ones we care about. But you will be very grateful for the experiences of moving when you go on your mission. The other thing is that you are uniquely gaining experience that many never have the chance to have. I have known people to stay in the same place their entire lives. Although it has its advantages the experiences you are gaining also will enable you to gain many other advantages. Your life will be full of memories from many different places and you will find it easier to locate and connect with others. You will never lose your friends. Mainly because friendships aren’t measured in how far apart we are or distances, but they exist anyways through our love for others; so no distance can damage or break friendship it sort of puts a damper on the fun times but never our acknowledgment that they are our friends. And if our friends need us or we need them they are still there to talk to. The lord will greatly need people like you in his mission field as he has used me my entire mission. I can do absolutely nothing wrong and I still get transferred. So I have had to move more than 10-12 times during my mission. Luckily I was already prepared for it and found it easier to do my work while others get transferred, become easily unhappy with it and drop their work. They go haywire on the mission. I won’t tell you that it was easy for me to move. It never was and never is sometimes it takes a few days to get used to the area and the people. Sometimes we are filled up with negative thoughts but in the end it all works out and if we just continue to do the right thing than we are blessed. So just keep up being the cool guy you are and everything will go good. You will see your friends again.
Well I guess that is about it with my life on the mission. Sure I had my negative thoughts when I got here but they are slowly getting resolved with time. I think my next week all will be normal. Just so you know a transfer to interior is a pretty drastic move. It means letters, people, and many good comforts such as an HSBC bank are gone. But it was really funny I think almost inspired. I went to Bom Conselho the other day and we had to do some interviews there. One of the missionaries there, Elder Ferrari had what is called a “survivor button´´ (probably deranged from the same idea as the easy button. You push it and it started to sing that 70´s music ´´I will survive“ I cracked up; it was perfect for the situation I was in. Well I think I will let you guys go. I love you all and hope that all is going well. I am praying for you continually. I love you.
Elder Allred